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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Where to Receive Quality Private French Lessons in Abuja

French is the sixth most spoken language in the world after Chinese, English, Hindu, Spanish and Arabic. Spoken by over 220 million people worldwide it is a very important language for communication in global trade, diplomacy and local commerce in strategic countries of the world. Here in Abuja a number of opportunities to learn and master French language exist but only if you can connect with the right persons and it’s very important I emphasise this - people who speak French fluently as a second language have very strong advantages in their job search especially here in Nigeria as French offers avenues for one to be gainfully employed in a number of ways. Here’s what I mean.

Career Opportunities available to French Graduates/Speakers in Abuja and the rest of Nigeria

If you happen to hold a first degree or an advanced diploma in French, you have quite a number of interesting career prospects available to you such as;

Teaching in exclusive Private Schools in Abuja

There are over 600 private schools operating in Abuja and most of them employ French teachers. It doesn’t really make sense for schools these days not to have French teachers on their payroll as this has a way of impacting their levels of enrollment so it’s important to them to employ French graduates. Some of these schools pay really well.

As Diplomatic Attach├ęs to Nigerian Foreign Missions

The various Nigerian embassies in French Speaking countries worldwide need fluent French speakers to work as diplomatic attaches as part of the Nigerian foreign missions to those countries.  

Working for Multinational Companies

Many multinational companies operating in Nigeria also have operations in a number of African countries. If you happen to speak French fluently it could offer you an opportunity to take up appointments in a French speaking country where they have operations in.

Working for International NGOs and International Agencies

Some Non-Governmental Organisations such as Doctors without borders, the international red cross society, the united nations, Africa Development Bank to name a few, employ fluent French speakers to work in their foreign offices in other West African Countries especially Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo and even Benin Republic.  

Freelance/Private French Teacher in Abuja

You could even be your own boss as a self-employed French teacher holding private lessons for individuals. You’ll make money by charging an hourly rate from as little as N2000 per hour to a joint class of say 5 or more persons where you could charge as much as N8,000 per hour for group lessons. Parents who want their kids to be fluent in French or young professionals going abroad to study in a French speaking country are potential clients.

How to register for French Classes in Abuja

Once you make up your mind that you need French lessons here in Abuja and want to meet with a credible French teacher who has sufficient teaching knowledge and experience to back it up simply put a call to this number: 0803 206 4106 and we can arrange a private class for you.

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