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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Where to buy high quality Israeli made, bullet proof Security Doors in Abuja

Abuja used to be a safe place to live in the early 1990’s but the story is changing really fast these days with reported break-ins and armed robbery attacks against residents of the city. It is increasingly becoming less safe for many Abuja residents to sleep with their eyes closed as men of the underworld are determined to make them live in fear.

There have been more armed robberies, assassinations, break-ins and kidnappings in Abuja between 2010 and 2015 than there had ever been in from 1976 till 2000. This is due in part to the rapid population growth rate in Abuja with a huge inequality gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. The consequence has been a spiraling crime rate against residents who are mostly middle to upper class individuals. They bear the brunt of most violent crimes perpetrated within the City Center – not talking now about the outskirts.

Take for instance the well reported failed armed robbery case against a popular media personality in Abuja who escaped armed robbers sometime in 2014 because he installed high capacity security doors. Meanwhile some of his neighbours were not so lucky as the robbers were able to force their way in through their doors.

One of the stock in trade of armed robbers is to use specialized equipment and tools to pull down burglary and doors in order to gain entry into the homes of their victims. That is if they are unable to trick you into letting them into your home. But as the criminals are determined to break-in and rob law abiding residents of the city, so to as the security experts devising tools to keep them out.

To prove a point, the makers of these doors after thinking hard and deep reasoned that if safety doors from security vaults were also applied to locking homes and offices, it would make life really difficult for burglars and other criminals looking to break-in and the statistics verify this thought. But they also considered making these doors friendly for family and office use hence why they came up with the present custom design.

Israeli Security Doors versus alternative doors
There is a less than 1% success rate of forced entry of Israeli installed security doors but more than 60% success rates with other kinds of doors using specialized equipment and tools to break in. This means you are a lot safer behind one of these doors than behind any other kind of door. However beware of cheap imitation as some people are trying to reap from where they didn’t sow.

How Israeli made Security Doors keep robbers, terrorists, kidnappers and burglars away
If you’re still intrigued about the capacity or otherwise of these doors you may want to consider these specifics;

They are bullet proof and not armed robbery friendly doors
Good luck to the armed robbers who think they can tear down these doors with bullets. They are in for one big surprise when even after firing dozens of rounds of bullets the door still remains firm, unbreakable and rock solid as ever. The Israeli designers had this in mind when making these doors especially against bank robbers and armed terrorists.

Unbreakable and resistant to heavy force
Some armed robbers come fully prepared to knock down doors armed with giant sized hammers, wrenches and other heavy work tools. For many kinds of security doors these tools are just too hard to resist but not the Israeli made security doors, your heavy duty mallet would be at work for hours yet this door won’t budge. Although an armoured vehicle could do the trick but picture criminals driving an armoured vehicle up a flight of stairs all in a bid to tear down this door?  

It can be decorated to taste
If you’re the fashionable type interested in keeping an aesthetic surrounding these doors can be insulated with attractive wooden covers that would give your visitors the impression that the door is wooden. However the rock solidness is still preserved.

Features of the Israeli made steel doors
·         The doors have specialized multi- bolt lock with an ingenious geometric locking mechanism which enables the door to be locked severally and securely each time.
·         The doors have a telescopic peep hole which enables you to spy on whoever is knocking without the person being able to see you.
·         The door also has an internal stopper for you to partially open and seen who’s at the door.
·         It is temperature friendly so even when the weather outside is unfriendly, it doesn’t transfer it inwards.
·         You can decorate and furnish it to taste.

Categories of Israeli Made Doors in Abuja with Prices

90 X 210 (N85,000 per unit)
This is a single door bullet proof product suitable for inner rooms such as store rooms

120 X 210 (N100,000 per unit)
This is also a single bullet proof door however it’s made for the main entrance e.g living room door

120 X 210 (N140,000 per unit)

Kindly note that these prices fluctuate and do not include cost of delivery and installation, be that as it may if you want to buy any of these doors in whatever quantity, feel free to give me a call, I’ll hook you up with the reputable dealers who stock them here in Abuja. My Number: 0803 206 4106

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