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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hire a Professional Business Plan Writer based in Abuja, Nigeria

If you’re a Nigerian looking to start a business but don’t really have a viable business plan to guide you or want to approach a bank or investors to raise capital to either set up or expand your existing business it’s ideal to contact a business plan writer who is both skilled and knowledgeable enough to put pen to paper for you in your quest for a plan. But before proceeding let’s ask a few questions about who a reliable business plan writer should be and how to identify one.

How to identify a reliable business plan writer
If you wish to hire a business plan writer to do an excellent job you’ll need to do some screening of some sort to determine whether or not he’s reliable. You can start by asking the questions;

Does he know his job?
Anyone can claim to be a business plan writer but who is who as far as business plan writing is concerned? The answer obviously is someone who understands that every business plan is tailored to meet specific needs and would qualify your inquiry with sensible questions that will recommend a suitable plan that fits your kind of business and specific requirements. If he can’t tell what he can do and how he’s going to do it you have good reasons to doubt his competence.

Proven Track record
Has this business plan writer ever written any business plan in the past for anyone and how successful was the plan? Although there’s no guarantee that a professionally written business plan would give you the capital you need, there’s a good chance that it will get you close to landing some investments or at the very least serve as a suitable working document to guide you to success. So ask who have you written for and what was the outcome of your plan?

Service Delivery
What is their work rate like? How well and how soon can the business plan writer deliver your job? Judging from qualifying questions you must have asked if the business plan writer is hesitant or doesn’t seem to know how to go about his strategy to serve you it’s a sign you’d be frustrated working with him.

Why you need a professionally written business Plan
A business plan is a major requirement for approaching investors or banks to raise capital to start a business. When you think you have a brilliant idea that would make millions for you there’s usually no better way to explain it than with a properly written business plan.
Another reason you’ll need a business plan is to give you a blueprint on how to run a successful business. 

One of the reasons attributed for why businesses fail is due to the lack of a functional business plan. Sometimes the entrepreneur may have the idea in his head however the exact strategy to deploy to achieve a sustainable market advantage may need to be documented to serve as a source of reference for making business decisions.

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