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Monday, April 7, 2014

What Entrepreneurs should know about the Abuja Enterprise Agency

The Abuja Enterprise Agency is a non-governmental organization set up by Mallam Nasir el-rufai to empower small scale business owners in Abuja on ways they can expand their businesses and gain useful technical assistance to guide them. The Agency has so far created opportunities for many un-informed Abuja entrepreneurs to realize their potentials and guided existing small business owners on paths to take to achieve success. But in addition to business advisory services what other ways can AEA be of help to Abuja entrepreneurs?

Policy Advocacy
If there’s a lingering problem that stifles business progress, members of the Abuja enterprise agency that put up a complaint to the Agency who in turn will approach relevant institutions such as the national assembly, ministry of trade and industry or even the presidency to make more business friendly policies or remove mitigating policies that could enhance growth and profitability of businesses.

Revolving Loan Scheme
There’s a revolving low interest loan scheme available to Abuja based Entrepreneurs to the tune of N500,000 maximum for a 6 month period. During this time the beneficiary is expected to embark on an expansion project with the money that will drive more sales and make more profit. At the end of the 6 month period the loan is collected back and given to another member who in turn has 6 months to use the loan.

Business Plan Competition
The AEA also organizes a business plan competition every 2 years in which an Abuja based Entrepreneur gets a grant of N1 million to set up a business of their choice.

Free Office Use
It’s possible to rent an office for use and pay a stipend for doing so. Here in Abuja we all know how outrageous prices of offices and shops for rent. But with as little as N2500 per week you can actually have access to full office support such as internet access, meeting room and even reception.

Business Clinics
If you wish to start a business but don’t know the steps to follow in order to do this then you need to attend the business clinics at Abuja Enterprise Agency where you learn everything required from start to finish in setting up your business including business name registration and legal requirements for setting up your business.

The Abuja Enterprise Agency is located at the AEA Entrepreneurial Complex Plot 74, Sector Centre A Cadastral Zone B15, Jahi District Abuja

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