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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where to Receive Martial Arts Lessons in Abuja

Martial Arts of various kinds are taught in Abuja but very few people know where to receive some of these classes. There isn’t a doubt about the benefits of being a proficient martial artist the question is how willing are you to commit to the course? Taking a Martial arts class comes with some commitments such as; time (early morning classes 6am, 7am or even 9 am on select week days or afternoon weekend classes) or monetary commitment (fees range from N5000 to N15,000 monthly depending on which martial art you pick). But once you’ve made up your mind to receive these classes then the next step is to register. However before proceeding here are a few things to note;

Benefits of taking Martial Arts Classes
Here are some of the things you could gain from participating actively in a Martial Arts Class;

Take for instance discipline martial arts can actually teach you self-control and good manners like knowing when to back out of a confrontation and when to enter one, how to behave even when provoked etc.

Self Defense Skills
If someone attacks you with a knife on the street you can quickly disarm and knock out such a person with an effective technique from say Aikido or Karate. Ladies especially need these skills.

Physical Fitness
Would you like to have improved blood circulation, more flexible muscles, tougher bones and more agility? Think Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes Available in Abuja
Here are some Martial Arts classes available in Abuja;

Aikido – (N15,000 monthly but negotiable)
This martial art is highly effective as a self defense tool and requires minimal amount of energy. The training covers Yoga, fitness training, hand to hand combat, sword and weapons training. It’s a defense oriented martial art meaning the emphasis is on responding to enemy attacks by manipulating their body movements to your advantage. A famous practitioner of this art is Steven Seagal who is a world renowned Hollywood Actor and Martial Artist known for breaking bones and limbs.

Karate – (N5000 monthly)
You can also learn Karate a very popular Japanese Martial Art. But Karate is more demanding in terms of physical fitness exercise than Aikido but all the same you could incur serious injuries if you attack or harass a Karate specialist in a fight.

Taekwondo – N5000 monthly
Originally from Korea, Taekwando is similar to Aikido in terms of being more of a defensive art but it unlike Aikido involves more of kicks than hand movements. The emphasis is on physical fitness, strength building and stamina. Never mess with a Taekwondo practitioner’s kick in a street fight. You could see stars.

Kick Boxing - Negotiable
Kick Boxing is originally from Thailand and it’s an energy demanding art. The main emphasis is strength and stamina building. A good kick boxer is a nightmare in a street fight.

Want to register for a Martial Arts Class in Abuja? Call: 0803 206 4106 and we’ll hook you with a trained martial arts specialist.

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