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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where to Receive Martial Arts Lessons in Abuja

Martial Arts of various kinds are taught in Abuja but very few people know where to receive some of these classes. There isn’t a doubt about the benefits of being a proficient martial artist the question is how willing are you to commit to the course? Taking a Martial arts class comes with some commitments such as; time (early morning classes 6am, 7am or even 9 am on select week days or afternoon weekend classes) or monetary commitment (fees range from N5000 to N15,000 monthly depending on which martial art you pick). But once you’ve made up your mind to receive these classes then the next step is to register. However before proceeding here are a few things to note;

Benefits of taking Martial Arts Classes
Here are some of the things you could gain from participating actively in a Martial Arts Class;

Take for instance discipline martial arts can actually teach you self-control and good manners like knowing when to back out of a confrontation and when to enter one, how to behave even when provoked etc.

Self Defense Skills
If someone attacks you with a knife on the street you can quickly disarm and knock out such a person with an effective technique from say Aikido or Karate. Ladies especially need these skills.

Physical Fitness
Would you like to have improved blood circulation, more flexible muscles, tougher bones and more agility? Think Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes Available in Abuja
Here are some Martial Arts classes available in Abuja;

Aikido – (N15,000 monthly but negotiable)
This martial art is highly effective as a self defense tool and requires minimal amount of energy. The training covers Yoga, fitness training, hand to hand combat, sword and weapons training. It’s a defense oriented martial art meaning the emphasis is on responding to enemy attacks by manipulating their body movements to your advantage. A famous practitioner of this art is Steven Seagal who is a world renowned Hollywood Actor and Martial Artist known for breaking bones and limbs.

Karate – (N5000 monthly)
You can also learn Karate a very popular Japanese Martial Art. But Karate is more demanding in terms of physical fitness exercise than Aikido but all the same you could incur serious injuries if you attack or harass a Karate specialist in a fight.

Taekwondo – N5000 monthly
Originally from Korea, Taekwando is similar to Aikido in terms of being more of a defensive art but it unlike Aikido involves more of kicks than hand movements. The emphasis is on physical fitness, strength building and stamina. Never mess with a Taekwondo practitioner’s kick in a street fight. You could see stars.

Kick Boxing - Negotiable
Kick Boxing is originally from Thailand and it’s an energy demanding art. The main emphasis is strength and stamina building. A good kick boxer is a nightmare in a street fight.

Want to register for a Martial Arts Class in Abuja? Call: 0803 206 4106 and we’ll hook you with a trained martial arts specialist.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How to make money online in Nigeria using Blogger and Google Adsense

I have to share this success story of mine with you my dear readers just in case you happen to be among thousands of unemployed Nigerians or already employed workers looking for an additional source of income. It’s possible to make money online here in Nigeria using a free online blogging platform such as blogspot and google adsense.

In case you’re still lost on what I’m talking about here goes, this blog on which this article is posted is an example of a blogspot/blogger blog that generates income for me even while I sleep. All the adverts you see on this blog are from an advertising program run with google called adsense. As a registered online publisher with google I earn a passive income when people visit this blog you are presently reading and click on adverts. Every click earns some amount of money for me depending on the value of the advert.

I started blogging in 2009 at the time it was just an escape from boredom, I didn’t know what I was doing I just knew I wanted to write and share information online. Then one day I stumbled on an article on how to make money from adsense on an American newspaper website. I read it intently trying to understand how this could apply to me.

After 2 days of intense research I had found what I needed to do to start making money online. I then used my blog to start sharing information about what I was passionate about – business ideas in Nigeria as I had just graduated awaiting NYSC posting.

I was posted to Kogi State where I served from July 2010 till June 2011 when I returned to Lagos first to assess my chances of gaining employment then to Abuja in August 2011 when I finally made up my mind that I want to reside and work in Abuja. I continued blogging actively till February 2012 when I got a job with a media marketing company then I stopped blogging like I used to.

But here’s the thing that really impressed me, I have earned more than N380,000 from 11 pay-outs I’ve received from the adsense program since then even though I stopped writing articles on my blog for more than 1 year then resumed again in late 2013. The amount came in via foreign Cheques in dollars which I cashed out by depositing into my domiciliary account at GT Bank here in Nigeria. It takes roughly 20 working days for the cleared cheque to reflect in your domiciliary account which you can then withdraw and receive your dollars in raw cash.

Funny enough I have only 2 blogs with less than 180 articles written on both but I’ve made more than 380k and still make more money although it comes in trickles but over a long period of time it becomes a good amount of money.

What can you do with that money?
There are many things you can do with the income from your adsense participation such as;

·         Start a small business with the money
·         Buy a plot of land
·         Buy a car with it
·         Pay for a professional course
·         Travel abroad with it
·         Prepare for your wedding and many more

The choice is entirely yours. Once the cash starts rolling in you can let it accumulate over a given period e.g months or years and then choose to do whatever you like with the money.

Benefits of Using Blogger for Adsense
If you want to start making money with adsense but have a few questions like what do I stand to gain from the adsense program? Here are the benefits of using blogger for adsense;

Unlimited Passive Income
You can be making money every day without working actively. A regular job requires you to put time daily to get paid, if you don’t work you don’t get paid but with this program you can actually make money for work you’ve done before. If for instance you have 10 articles on your blog and you generate 200 page views per day and you earn $1 a day from adsense, the articles have been written only once but the income still keeps coming daily even while you sleep.

It’s free to join
You don’t spend any thing to join. It’s 100% free, no need to pay for domain registration or even hosting. You can start blogging almost immediately but you have to wait 6 months before you can join the adsense program.

It’s a great Marketing Platform
One of my blogs generates leads for me. By leads I mean people who contact you to either make enquiries for the product you sell or actually buy what you sell. I write business plans for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in Nigeria and they all find me online from my blog. The least amount I charge for writing a business plan for anyone is N30,000 and that is if it doesn’t involve field work. So I make money passively with adsense and also make money selling my service (business plan writing as well).

Before you get started
This is what you should understand that making money online via adsense in Nigeria is not as simple as creating a blog and registering to participate in the adsense programme.

What you need to make money online with Adsense
To start making money with Adsense here are a few things you need to know

·         A free blog
·         A good niche to publish articles about
·         An Adsense Account
·         Search Engine Marketing Knowledge
·         Patience

Let me warn you if you want to make quick money over night, then you shouldn’t apply to this program because you’ll be discouraged quickly, but if you’re patient and willing to learn, the sky is the limit.
Don’t be discouraged because I mentioned articles, you don’t have to write as if you’re a professor, just simple messages people can relate to and which falls under a niche is enough.

What you need to succeed with Adsense
Like the saying goes many are called but few are chosen, do you have what it takes to succeed with google adsense? Here are the two most important things you need to succeed once you’ve signed up.

The right kind of knowledge
To succeed in this venture you must have the right kind of knowledge or you’ll fail. People have been banned from participating in the adsense program for breaking the rules or have spent so much time trying to achieve simple results that they’re still stuck at the same level for years. What you need is the right kind of knowledge such as; what niche should you pick? What kind of topics should you publish on your blog? What are the rules of the adsense program? How can I increase traffic to my blog and even my earnings?

A good Niche
A good area to cover that has commercial potentials and is also naturally appealing to you.

If you’re serious and want to acquire the knowledge you need to succeed in making money online here in Nigeria with blogger and google adsense then I expect you to pick up your phone and call me for details on how to gain the knowledge you need to succeed in this venture: 0803 206 4106

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