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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cost effective Abuja, Nigeria Targeted Online Advertisement and Marketing Services

If you own a product or service and wish to reach a highly targeted Abuja audience made up of people who live and work in Abuja without spending too much then you may want to consider using these various online advertising and marketing media.

What you can achieve with targeted online Abuja Adverts
Here are some of the things you could achieve with effective online adverts;

Brand Awareness
Would you like people to know about your business, where they can find you, what you do, some of your products and services? Brand awareness for your business is something you can achieve with very effective online advertisement and it comes at the fraction of the cost of using conventional media.

Organic Sales
Some people make sales directly through online adverts even here in Abuja. An example is with Cupcake Cutie whose SEO article Abuja cakes has enabled her receive orders from people online who read the article. So you could actually makes sales online with adverts targeting an Abuja audience.

Website Traffic
Another thing you can achieve with online adverts is drawing visitors to your website. If you want people to know about your website and take action whenever they visit your website it makes sense to use online adverts for this purpose.

Benefits of using Online Adverts targeting an Abuja Audience
Just in case you’re wondering what online adverts could potentially do for you considering that you don’t have a large advertising budget keep these at the back of your mind;

Cost Effectiveness
Talk about a medium of reaching your target audience without having to spend too much while doing so, that is what cost effectiveness implies and online adverts are more cost effective than conventional media especially newspapers and radio. If you spend say N100,000 on a radio advert for a new line of perfumes you just introduced into the market or say N15,000 on flyers chances are that for N10,000 for a review article on a highly targeted blog such as would achieve better results but over a longer period of time (months) instead of days or hours.

You enjoy unlimited Reach
To reach people from a wider area across many districts at once is usually only possible with say Newspapers, radio or television and at great costs but thankfully with blogs and social media you could still reach your target market across many towns and districts in Abuja for much less.

The Adverts stay longer
A newspaper advert is usually relevant for a few days at most, TV and radio adverts perhaps for a day or more but not so with certain online adverts such as SEO articles (which could last for months) or display adverts (valid for 24 hours for several days at a stretch).

Types of Cost Effective Online Adverts for Nigerian businesses
Here they are;

SEO Marketing
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a term used to describing preparing web pages or websites so that people can easily find specific information contained in those websites using keywords via search engines like google or bing. So if you’re looking for a car to buy in Abuja and you type in “Abuja Car for sale” any website that appears in the search results has been optimized for those keywords. The wonderful thing about SEO Marketing is that you can run an advert for years at little or no cost and still continue achieving your marketing objectives at the same cost for months.

Social Media Marketing
Unlike SEO Marketing which uses ever green information (information that will always be searched for e.g people will always look for cars to buy) Social Media Marketing uses buzz and trends (e.g album/product launch, events etc) to spread marketing messages. Social Media Marketing works best on Black Berry Messenger, Twitter and Instagram among Nigerian consumers.

Flyer and Proposal Distribution
You can have flyers displayed on blogs or twitted on social media on very influential blogs or social media platforms. Flyers can also be physically distributed to reach real people but the service is slightly more expensive but could prove to be a cost effective method of marketing. 

NB: Likewise if you have proposals you want to distribute to your target market, we can help you with that as well.

Display Adverts on Blogs
Would you like people to see your online adverts at strategic locations on blogs with many visitors? Then use this option but they are slightly more expensive than other forms of online adverts but can actually earn you a lot of visibility.

Email Marketing
This is another highly effective online marketing medium with a high response rate. Email marketing works well for corporate organizations and professionals since email is the most common medium of online interaction in that field.

SMS bulk Marketing
Although this method is prone to abuse, a strategically sent message by SMS can achieve wonderful results, but you have to reach the right audience which isn’t very easy as most bulk SMS target people randomly which is expensive and ineffective. The key to succeeding here therefore is to reach the right leads with your message directly to their phone.

To enjoy any of these marketing services for a fraction of what it would cost you to reach your target market with conventional advertisement and marketing give us a call: 0803 206 4106

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