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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hire a Professional Business Plan Writer based in Abuja, Nigeria

If you’re a Nigerian looking to start a business but don’t really have a viable business plan to guide you or want to approach a bank or investors to raise capital to either set up or expand your existing business it’s ideal to contact a business plan writer who is both skilled and knowledgeable enough to put pen to paper for you in your quest for a plan. But before proceeding let’s ask a few questions about who a reliable business plan writer should be and how to identify one.

How to identify a reliable business plan writer
If you wish to hire a business plan writer to do an excellent job you’ll need to do some screening of some sort to determine whether or not he’s reliable. You can start by asking the questions;

Does he know his job?
Anyone can claim to be a business plan writer but who is who as far as business plan writing is concerned? The answer obviously is someone who understands that every business plan is tailored to meet specific needs and would qualify your inquiry with sensible questions that will recommend a suitable plan that fits your kind of business and specific requirements. If he can’t tell what he can do and how he’s going to do it you have good reasons to doubt his competence.

Proven Track record
Has this business plan writer ever written any business plan in the past for anyone and how successful was the plan? Although there’s no guarantee that a professionally written business plan would give you the capital you need, there’s a good chance that it will get you close to landing some investments or at the very least serve as a suitable working document to guide you to success. So ask who have you written for and what was the outcome of your plan?

Service Delivery
What is their work rate like? How well and how soon can the business plan writer deliver your job? Judging from qualifying questions you must have asked if the business plan writer is hesitant or doesn’t seem to know how to go about his strategy to serve you it’s a sign you’d be frustrated working with him.

Why you need a professionally written business Plan
A business plan is a major requirement for approaching investors or banks to raise capital to start a business. When you think you have a brilliant idea that would make millions for you there’s usually no better way to explain it than with a properly written business plan.
Another reason you’ll need a business plan is to give you a blueprint on how to run a successful business. 

One of the reasons attributed for why businesses fail is due to the lack of a functional business plan. Sometimes the entrepreneur may have the idea in his head however the exact strategy to deploy to achieve a sustainable market advantage may need to be documented to serve as a source of reference for making business decisions.

To hire an expert business plan writer here in Nigeria simply give me a call: 0803 206 4106

Monday, April 7, 2014

What Entrepreneurs should know about the Abuja Enterprise Agency

The Abuja Enterprise Agency is a non-governmental organization set up by Mallam Nasir el-rufai to empower small scale business owners in Abuja on ways they can expand their businesses and gain useful technical assistance to guide them. The Agency has so far created opportunities for many un-informed Abuja entrepreneurs to realize their potentials and guided existing small business owners on paths to take to achieve success. But in addition to business advisory services what other ways can AEA be of help to Abuja entrepreneurs?

Policy Advocacy
If there’s a lingering problem that stifles business progress, members of the Abuja enterprise agency that put up a complaint to the Agency who in turn will approach relevant institutions such as the national assembly, ministry of trade and industry or even the presidency to make more business friendly policies or remove mitigating policies that could enhance growth and profitability of businesses.

Revolving Loan Scheme
There’s a revolving low interest loan scheme available to Abuja based Entrepreneurs to the tune of N500,000 maximum for a 6 month period. During this time the beneficiary is expected to embark on an expansion project with the money that will drive more sales and make more profit. At the end of the 6 month period the loan is collected back and given to another member who in turn has 6 months to use the loan.

Business Plan Competition
The AEA also organizes a business plan competition every 2 years in which an Abuja based Entrepreneur gets a grant of N1 million to set up a business of their choice.

Free Office Use
It’s possible to rent an office for use and pay a stipend for doing so. Here in Abuja we all know how outrageous prices of offices and shops for rent. But with as little as N2500 per week you can actually have access to full office support such as internet access, meeting room and even reception.

Business Clinics
If you wish to start a business but don’t know the steps to follow in order to do this then you need to attend the business clinics at Abuja Enterprise Agency where you learn everything required from start to finish in setting up your business including business name registration and legal requirements for setting up your business.

The Abuja Enterprise Agency is located at the AEA Entrepreneurial Complex Plot 74, Sector Centre A Cadastral Zone B15, Jahi District Abuja

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where to Receive Martial Arts Lessons in Abuja

Martial Arts of various kinds are taught in Abuja but very few people know where to receive some of these classes. There isn’t a doubt about the benefits of being a proficient martial artist the question is how willing are you to commit to the course? Taking a Martial arts class comes with some commitments such as; time (early morning classes 6am, 7am or even 9 am on select week days or afternoon weekend classes) or monetary commitment (fees range from N5000 to N15,000 monthly depending on which martial art you pick). But once you’ve made up your mind to receive these classes then the next step is to register. However before proceeding here are a few things to note;

Benefits of taking Martial Arts Classes
Here are some of the things you could gain from participating actively in a Martial Arts Class;

Take for instance discipline martial arts can actually teach you self-control and good manners like knowing when to back out of a confrontation and when to enter one, how to behave even when provoked etc.

Self Defense Skills
If someone attacks you with a knife on the street you can quickly disarm and knock out such a person with an effective technique from say Aikido or Karate. Ladies especially need these skills.

Physical Fitness
Would you like to have improved blood circulation, more flexible muscles, tougher bones and more agility? Think Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes Available in Abuja
Here are some Martial Arts classes available in Abuja;

Aikido – (N15,000 monthly but negotiable)
This martial art is highly effective as a self defense tool and requires minimal amount of energy. The training covers Yoga, fitness training, hand to hand combat, sword and weapons training. It’s a defense oriented martial art meaning the emphasis is on responding to enemy attacks by manipulating their body movements to your advantage. A famous practitioner of this art is Steven Seagal who is a world renowned Hollywood Actor and Martial Artist known for breaking bones and limbs.

Karate – (N5000 monthly)
You can also learn Karate a very popular Japanese Martial Art. But Karate is more demanding in terms of physical fitness exercise than Aikido but all the same you could incur serious injuries if you attack or harass a Karate specialist in a fight.

Taekwondo – N5000 monthly
Originally from Korea, Taekwando is similar to Aikido in terms of being more of a defensive art but it unlike Aikido involves more of kicks than hand movements. The emphasis is on physical fitness, strength building and stamina. Never mess with a Taekwondo practitioner’s kick in a street fight. You could see stars.

Kick Boxing - Negotiable
Kick Boxing is originally from Thailand and it’s an energy demanding art. The main emphasis is strength and stamina building. A good kick boxer is a nightmare in a street fight.

Want to register for a Martial Arts Class in Abuja? Call: 0803 206 4106 and we’ll hook you with a trained martial arts specialist.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How to make money online in Nigeria using Blogger and Google Adsense

I have to share this success story of mine with you my dear readers just in case you happen to be among thousands of unemployed Nigerians or already employed workers looking for an additional source of income. It’s possible to make money online here in Nigeria using a free online blogging platform such as blogspot and google adsense.

In case you’re still lost on what I’m talking about here goes, this blog on which this article is posted is an example of a blogspot/blogger blog that generates income for me even while I sleep. All the adverts you see on this blog are from an advertising program run with google called adsense. As a registered online publisher with google I earn a passive income when people visit this blog you are presently reading and click on adverts. Every click earns some amount of money for me depending on the value of the advert.

I started blogging in 2009 at the time it was just an escape from boredom, I didn’t know what I was doing I just knew I wanted to write and share information online. Then one day I stumbled on an article on how to make money from adsense on an American newspaper website. I read it intently trying to understand how this could apply to me.

After 2 days of intense research I had found what I needed to do to start making money online. I then used my blog to start sharing information about what I was passionate about – business ideas in Nigeria as I had just graduated awaiting NYSC posting.

I was posted to Kogi State where I served from July 2010 till June 2011 when I returned to Lagos first to assess my chances of gaining employment then to Abuja in August 2011 when I finally made up my mind that I want to reside and work in Abuja. I continued blogging actively till February 2012 when I got a job with a media marketing company then I stopped blogging like I used to.

But here’s the thing that really impressed me, I have earned more than N380,000 from 11 pay-outs I’ve received from the adsense program since then even though I stopped writing articles on my blog for more than 1 year then resumed again in late 2013. The amount came in via foreign Cheques in dollars which I cashed out by depositing into my domiciliary account at GT Bank here in Nigeria. It takes roughly 20 working days for the cleared cheque to reflect in your domiciliary account which you can then withdraw and receive your dollars in raw cash.

Funny enough I have only 2 blogs with less than 180 articles written on both but I’ve made more than 380k and still make more money although it comes in trickles but over a long period of time it becomes a good amount of money.

What can you do with that money?
There are many things you can do with the income from your adsense participation such as;

·         Start a small business with the money
·         Buy a plot of land
·         Buy a car with it
·         Pay for a professional course
·         Travel abroad with it
·         Prepare for your wedding and many more

The choice is entirely yours. Once the cash starts rolling in you can let it accumulate over a given period e.g months or years and then choose to do whatever you like with the money.

Benefits of Using Blogger for Adsense
If you want to start making money with adsense but have a few questions like what do I stand to gain from the adsense program? Here are the benefits of using blogger for adsense;

Unlimited Passive Income
You can be making money every day without working actively. A regular job requires you to put time daily to get paid, if you don’t work you don’t get paid but with this program you can actually make money for work you’ve done before. If for instance you have 10 articles on your blog and you generate 200 page views per day and you earn $1 a day from adsense, the articles have been written only once but the income still keeps coming daily even while you sleep.

It’s free to join
You don’t spend any thing to join. It’s 100% free, no need to pay for domain registration or even hosting. You can start blogging almost immediately but you have to wait 6 months before you can join the adsense program.

It’s a great Marketing Platform
One of my blogs generates leads for me. By leads I mean people who contact you to either make enquiries for the product you sell or actually buy what you sell. I write business plans for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in Nigeria and they all find me online from my blog. The least amount I charge for writing a business plan for anyone is N30,000 and that is if it doesn’t involve field work. So I make money passively with adsense and also make money selling my service (business plan writing as well).

Before you get started
This is what you should understand that making money online via adsense in Nigeria is not as simple as creating a blog and registering to participate in the adsense programme.

What you need to make money online with Adsense
To start making money with Adsense here are a few things you need to know

·         A free blog
·         A good niche to publish articles about
·         An Adsense Account
·         Search Engine Marketing Knowledge
·         Patience

Let me warn you if you want to make quick money over night, then you shouldn’t apply to this program because you’ll be discouraged quickly, but if you’re patient and willing to learn, the sky is the limit.
Don’t be discouraged because I mentioned articles, you don’t have to write as if you’re a professor, just simple messages people can relate to and which falls under a niche is enough.

What you need to succeed with Adsense
Like the saying goes many are called but few are chosen, do you have what it takes to succeed with google adsense? Here are the two most important things you need to succeed once you’ve signed up.

The right kind of knowledge
To succeed in this venture you must have the right kind of knowledge or you’ll fail. People have been banned from participating in the adsense program for breaking the rules or have spent so much time trying to achieve simple results that they’re still stuck at the same level for years. What you need is the right kind of knowledge such as; what niche should you pick? What kind of topics should you publish on your blog? What are the rules of the adsense program? How can I increase traffic to my blog and even my earnings?

A good Niche
A good area to cover that has commercial potentials and is also naturally appealing to you.

If you’re serious and want to acquire the knowledge you need to succeed in making money online here in Nigeria with blogger and google adsense then I expect you to pick up your phone and call me for details on how to gain the knowledge you need to succeed in this venture: 0803 206 4106

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cost effective Abuja, Nigeria Targeted Online Advertisement and Marketing Services

If you own a product or service and wish to reach a highly targeted Abuja audience made up of people who live and work in Abuja without spending too much then you may want to consider using these various online advertising and marketing media.

What you can achieve with targeted online Abuja Adverts
Here are some of the things you could achieve with effective online adverts;

Brand Awareness
Would you like people to know about your business, where they can find you, what you do, some of your products and services? Brand awareness for your business is something you can achieve with very effective online advertisement and it comes at the fraction of the cost of using conventional media.

Organic Sales
Some people make sales directly through online adverts even here in Abuja. An example is with Cupcake Cutie whose SEO article Abuja cakes has enabled her receive orders from people online who read the article. So you could actually makes sales online with adverts targeting an Abuja audience.

Website Traffic
Another thing you can achieve with online adverts is drawing visitors to your website. If you want people to know about your website and take action whenever they visit your website it makes sense to use online adverts for this purpose.

Benefits of using Online Adverts targeting an Abuja Audience
Just in case you’re wondering what online adverts could potentially do for you considering that you don’t have a large advertising budget keep these at the back of your mind;

Cost Effectiveness
Talk about a medium of reaching your target audience without having to spend too much while doing so, that is what cost effectiveness implies and online adverts are more cost effective than conventional media especially newspapers and radio. If you spend say N100,000 on a radio advert for a new line of perfumes you just introduced into the market or say N15,000 on flyers chances are that for N10,000 for a review article on a highly targeted blog such as would achieve better results but over a longer period of time (months) instead of days or hours.

You enjoy unlimited Reach
To reach people from a wider area across many districts at once is usually only possible with say Newspapers, radio or television and at great costs but thankfully with blogs and social media you could still reach your target market across many towns and districts in Abuja for much less.

The Adverts stay longer
A newspaper advert is usually relevant for a few days at most, TV and radio adverts perhaps for a day or more but not so with certain online adverts such as SEO articles (which could last for months) or display adverts (valid for 24 hours for several days at a stretch).

Types of Cost Effective Online Adverts for Nigerian businesses
Here they are;

SEO Marketing
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a term used to describing preparing web pages or websites so that people can easily find specific information contained in those websites using keywords via search engines like google or bing. So if you’re looking for a car to buy in Abuja and you type in “Abuja Car for sale” any website that appears in the search results has been optimized for those keywords. The wonderful thing about SEO Marketing is that you can run an advert for years at little or no cost and still continue achieving your marketing objectives at the same cost for months.

Social Media Marketing
Unlike SEO Marketing which uses ever green information (information that will always be searched for e.g people will always look for cars to buy) Social Media Marketing uses buzz and trends (e.g album/product launch, events etc) to spread marketing messages. Social Media Marketing works best on Black Berry Messenger, Twitter and Instagram among Nigerian consumers.

Flyer and Proposal Distribution
You can have flyers displayed on blogs or twitted on social media on very influential blogs or social media platforms. Flyers can also be physically distributed to reach real people but the service is slightly more expensive but could prove to be a cost effective method of marketing. 

NB: Likewise if you have proposals you want to distribute to your target market, we can help you with that as well.

Display Adverts on Blogs
Would you like people to see your online adverts at strategic locations on blogs with many visitors? Then use this option but they are slightly more expensive than other forms of online adverts but can actually earn you a lot of visibility.

Email Marketing
This is another highly effective online marketing medium with a high response rate. Email marketing works well for corporate organizations and professionals since email is the most common medium of online interaction in that field.

SMS bulk Marketing
Although this method is prone to abuse, a strategically sent message by SMS can achieve wonderful results, but you have to reach the right audience which isn’t very easy as most bulk SMS target people randomly which is expensive and ineffective. The key to succeeding here therefore is to reach the right leads with your message directly to their phone.

To enjoy any of these marketing services for a fraction of what it would cost you to reach your target market with conventional advertisement and marketing give us a call: 0803 206 4106

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