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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hire a reliable Abuja Real Estate Agent to rent an apartment or buy a property

When you want to rent an Abuja apartment or in search of an Abuja property to buy whether it’s undeveloped land or a house (block of flats, duplex, bungalow) the natural thing is to go online in search of these properties.

Unfortunately this process is pain staking and eventually you’ll find that you need to consult an Abuja real estate agent to help you search for your desired property of apartment.

Benefits of using a reliable Abuja real estate Agent
It really makes sense to contact an Abuja real estate agent while searching for an Abuja apartment or property and here are some reasons;

Save yourself valuable Time
Why spend so much time running about looking for your preferred apartment especially if you work when you can simply schedule an inspection for a list of available Abuja apartments for rent or property to buy. Let the agents run around for you and only show up for inspection.

Save Money
Why spend money on often fruitless trips that could yield you only stress and frustration plus money lost in transporting yourself when an agent already has a list of apartments from a pool to pick from. You just state your preferred location, schedule an appointment for inspection and just drive to pre-determined destinations.

More Options to pick from
The Abuja estate agents usually have many apartments to suit your needs from a pool they can access from their network of other agents. So instead of working with just what you can find, you have the option of seeing as many as the Abuja real estate market can offer.

Steps to Hiring a reliable Abuja Real Estate Agent
The process is simple and it starts with;

Contacting the Abuja real estate agent
Once you have the contact information of an Abuja real estate agent your job becomes easier. Simply give him/her a call.

State your Location and requirements
After contacting him/her state your preferred location, your requirements e.g tarred roads, within the city, running water, adequate parking space etc. Your requirements should also include information such as the kind of apartment (self contained, 2/3 bedroom flat, duplex etc).

State your budget
How much is your maximum amount you’re willing to pay for your preferred apartment. The closer your location is to the city center, the higher your budget should be. Apartments within the city start at N450,000 per annum for self contained but could drop to N250,000 on the outskirts depending on how close or otherwise they are to Abuja city center.

Schedule an appointment
Once your requirements and budget can be matched to available apartments, then it’s time to schedule an appointment for inspection. The inspection might involve shuttling between different parts of town and is at the expense of the home seeker.

Pick your preferred option
After seeing and inspecting all your options, it’s decision time. Which one meets your requirement at the best price you’re willing to pay? Once you know, call the real estate agent to inform him/her of your choice and readiness to make payment. Then a deed/offer letter would be drawn with stated terms and conditions from the lawyers handling/managing the property.

Make payment
Once payment is made, you’ll be issued a receipt and handed keys to your apartment. You can now move into your preferred apartment or property with the satisfaction of having saved yourself needless stress and wasted money.

What you should know when hiring an Abuja real estate agent

Keep these at the back of your mind when searching for an Abuja real estate agent;

Transportation Costs
You are responsible for transporting the Agent from wherever you meet to all the places he/she would take you for inspection. That means if you have a car, you’ll drive him/her around in it or hire a taxi that would convey you to all your destinations.

Agency fees and other charges
Sometimes the rent cost is net that is excluding agency and service charge (in case of serviced apartments). The agency fee varies from 5 to 10% depending on who is managing the property but there’s a legal fee of 5%.

To hire an Abuja real estate agent that can hook you up with your preferred apartment or property at the best available price simply call 0818 083 1826


  1. Unfortunately this process is pain staking and eventually you’ll find that you need to consult an Abuja real estate agent to help you search for your desired property of apartment.Rent an apartment


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