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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Buy Suits, Shoes, Corporate and office Wares online in Nigeria

Ever wanted to buy very affordable suits, shoes, shirts or skirts for office use through online malls here in Nigeria? That would seem like a thing worth pursuing because buying these merchandise online has a lot of benefits just like they have challenges as well. We’ll review them to you to enable you find the ones you like at affordable prices as well.

But first let’s consider the benefits and challenges of shopping online in Nigeria so that if you’ve never had any such experience you may avoid regrets or smile as the case may be.

Benefits of Shopping Online in Nigeria

Shopping online in Nigeria can be a rewarding experience and here are some reasons why;

It’s Less Expensive
While a typical shop would stock wares and add the cost of renting the shop and paying staff who work there, an online shop really doesn’t have plenty of rent costs to factor in. This is because they can often stock their inventory from obscure locations with low rent costs and only add delivery costs to your purchased items thus making them slightly cheaper than buying from regular boutiques in town.

Buy great brands at discounts
Many Nigerian Online stores can also offer you great discounts of popular brands for various items because many of them can order for large quantities to resell unlike the local boutiques and as a result you can save yourself some money for premium quality brands

Saves time
You save time and stress going to the market and moving shop to shop for a particular item when all you have to do is log into your customer account in one of these stores and make purchase of whatever thing you want.

Problems of Shopping Online in Nigeria

But it’s not all rosy however, shopping online in Nigeria does have its problems too such as;

Poor Customer Service
Many online shops in Nigeria have problems with handling customer complaints or attending to customers’ needs. Some won’t take your calls for days and those that do will promise to resolve your issue as soon as possible but may not until you either threaten something drastic or just let go and move on.

Return Policy
While some shops would offer a 48 hour return back policy the reality on ground is that you may either have to wait for weeks before your money is returned back as customer service is still poor with many of them.

Trust issues
This can be grouped into two cases. One is whether what you ordered for is what will be delivered eventually or that items purchased may be defective. In the past buyers have had to refuse paying for this goods or demanding a refund.

But in spite of all these challenges many people still shop online in Nigeria with relative success and even now that you have the option of only paying on delivery many of the problems listed above can be avoided.

List of Nigerian Online Shops to buy Suits and Office Wares
Before purchasing any item from any of these it pays to read their terms and conditions so that you may not find yourself in a situation you may not like. Also read reviews about them from online forums to get insights into whether patronizing them is or isn’t a good idea.

Shopping Online with Tafoo –
This is one of Nigeria’s leading online stores for shopping for all manner of clothing items in Nigeria and their prices are very reasonable.

Shopping online with
Konga is a reliable online store when it comes to stocking a wide range of clothing and fashion accessory products. Their price is moderate with excellent customer service to go with.  

Shop online with Jumia –
Jumia is the largest online store in Nigeria with a very wide array of products but they have a few issues with customer service and prompt delivery especially outside Lagos.

Deal Dey –
For great deals on office and home wares you can count on them to supply you with generous discounts

Abuja Product Reviews –

We sell only Men’s suits for office use only here in Abuja. If you want to buy affordable office suits you can call yours any day simply give us a call to place your orders. Price starts from N10,000

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