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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Productive things to do with Kids in Abuja

As parents we realize that in order to give our kids the best life has to offer, we not only provide for their needs but ensure that they’re happy while providing for them. We want our kids to grow and become healthy adults by encouraging them to do things that would enhance their physical, emotional, mental and social development. The saying all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy also has its rival saying “too much play isn’t good for kids” hence why they’ll need to be productively engaged in Abuja. Here in Abuja we’re recommending these 5 productive things for parents and guardians to do with kids in Abuja;

Sign them up for Summer Camps
Although these only come in handy during the long vacation around June/July every year they should feature prominently on your list of productive things to do with kids in Abuja. If Summer Vacation to Disney land or other child fantasy destinations is too expensive, then local Summer Camps make a suitable alternative. Here in Abuja a few summer camps provide kids with a stimulating environment where they can imbibe many skills and experiences that will be useful to them in future. For instance; spelling B competitions, excursions, Chess tournaments, quiz, bead making, talent shows etc are examples of activities kids could experience at summer camps. The fees could range from N15,000 to over N50,000 depending on duration, content and location of the camp. The French Cultural Center in Wuse 2 is organizes a yearly Summer Camp for kids in Abuja.

Register them for Private Chess Lessons
Chess is a highly stimulating game that enhances the mental abilities of children. Children who learn to play chess at an early age usually develop higher intelligence quotient, improved retentive memory, critical thinking, better decision making and planning/strategic thinking skills. You can sign your kids up for private chess lessons in Abuja with an experienced Chess instructor.

Register them for Foreign Language
Another fun way to productively engage kids is to register them for foreign language classes such as French, Spanish and Portuguese. Some other languages such as Hausa and Yoruba can also learned when they’re taught by specialists. You can hook your kids up for dance classes as well such as Ballet and contemporary African dances.

Dance Classes
Dance is good for both health and emotional health of kids and a few places in Abuja offer dance class lessons for kids within the city such as Krump Studios in Jabi, French Cultural Center and popular contemporary African dance Artist Omoh whose twitter handle is @Kara2dance.

Take them to see a movie
There are several options here. For instance to see paid movies two great locations within Abuja include Ceddi Plaza in Central Area and Silverbird Entertainment Center. But on Fridays at 7 PM you could see a free French-English sub-titled movie at the French Cultural Center in Wuse 2 on 52 Libreville Street.

Local trip to a games Reserve
There are a couple of natural wonders to behold in Nigeria such as the Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi State or the Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River where wildlife can be viewed in their natural splendor. The experience is Educative and refreshing, the kids would love you for it but even here in Abuja there’s a National Children’s park and Zoo.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Abuja’s Best Beauty Spa – The Nail Bar

One of the things women crave for is a skin that glows, radiates beauty. Every woman desires to be the center of attention, admired and complemented by all. That explains why women who can afford to pay for premium beauty treatment go to great lengths to hire expert beauticians to cater to their needs. Here in Abuja there are quite a few beauty Spas that make this dream a reality for women with various needs but none compares to the Nail bar, a world class spa with well trained technicians who can handle various skin, nail and facial needs that women so commonly desire to resolve.

Here are a few things to know about the nail bar;

Abuja’s leading Nail Bar
This position was largely responsible for them winning the special award in the beauty segment of the Abuja Young Enterpreneurs Award 2013 (AYE Awards 2013) where they won from a highly competitive pool. On our visit to the spa we discovered why they had to be Abuja’s best. The nail technicians aren’t doing regular manicure or pedicure but complete nail art including providing perfect overlays, namely; acrylic, gel, silk and fiberglass wraps to luxury manicures and pedicures with a range of customized treatment options to pick from like; Honey-Kiss Therapy; Lemon Explosion; Paraffin Wax Therapy; Shea Supreme; Detox Therapy; Perfect Pomegranate and The Guilty Pleasure.

Spa Services
The Nail Bar is an upscale destination that promises to deliver unrivalled luxury nail treatments that go beyond the classic manicure and pedicure. With the art of nail care as their central focus, they have developed a range of organic, luxurious and professional treatments with the use of carefully sourced ingredients and products from all over the world to provide you with a truly unique nail spa experience upon every visit.

Excellent Massage Parlour
You can also get expert masseuses give you an excellent massage if you need it. Their massage parlour is tastefully designed to meet your needs and what you get is a full range of body specials such as; Full body wax, body exfoliating polish, body wrap, Sauna session, Mini body bliss massage to mention a few.

Detox Center
If you’re worried that there many toxins in your body that need to be flushed out don’t be for long as the nail bar has a special machine for detoxification. 

Facials and Beauty Therapy
They offer a range of facials to all skin types and concerns. With two major brands used in-store namely; DERMALOGICA and SOTHYS you’re guaranteed professional results from the very first treatment. This is in addition to having Ayurveda with its organic heritage which use 100% natural ingredients for facials.  

Only well trained Experts work at the Nail bar
The nail bar knowing they have a reputation to maintain have ensured that only licensed Ayurveda Specialists work on your skin or carry out other functions such as; Ayurvedic facial mapping, tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Well Stocked beauty Shop
We leave you to be the judge but keep these at the back of your minds – you’ll find only world class beauty products in stock including from renowned brands like Dermalogica and Sothys. All treatments are made their range of stocked beauty products and include a unique selection of herbs, spices, Ayurvedic oils and natural ingredients such as sandalwood, neem and rose petals etc. 

The Nail bar is located at 26, Monrovia Street opposite Nigerian Turkish International School in Wuse 2. Hop into this world class beauty spa if you’re looking for excellent beauty treatment in Abuja. You can call (+234) 08168 680 860 to enjoy any of their services.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Abuja Online Business Directories to Know

We all know what a business directory is – a listing of businesses with their contact information. The yellow pages easily come to mind when we think of the term business directory. In the past that meant a voluminous book with many pages of businesses and their contact information without a way of knowing which of those businesses could offer you exactly what you wanted. In this day and age everything is going digital including business directories which offer some measure of description for the businesses we are searching for.

List of Some Popular Abuja based Online Business directories;
Below is a list of some online business directories in Abuja and a few things about them.
It is the largest and most popular online business directory in Abuja. Businesses are listed and directly with their full names and contact information. However no reviews are offered.
This is a slightly more comprehensive online directory than Abuja galleria. It offers listed businesses with complete information as well as helpful articles and blog posts.
This is a very user friendly online business directory that incorporates both icons such as pictures and even maps and written texts to not only provide information about a business but to also show directions to it.
Vconnect is Nigeria’s largest online business directory containing a huge repository of business listing information as well as profiles and detailed reviews of premium businesses listed with them.
A popular website for searching for great deals on consumer items it also contains some information about businesses offering these products. They can be tracked although only while their deals are on.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Introducing the Cost Saving Zero PC Terminal

Why spend more money to own and operate multiple PCs when you can pay much less and still get high value with just one host PC?

With the Zero PC Terminal this is very achievable. Your organization can still enjoy the benefits of running multiple PC terminals with just a single host computer at the center and several client points (keyboard and Monitor) from which other users can access the central PC.

This is very cost effective because you will still achieve the same results as using a complete system (CPU, Monitor and Keyboard) but at much lower costs. Money saved from this can then be put into other productive areas of your establishment.

What is the Zero PC Terminal?

It’s an innovative enterprise solution that enables organizations using several computers for their operations to save costs in acquiring and maintaining multiple computers.

Business Enterprises such as Libraries, Schools, banks, Government agencies etc could utilize Computer resources such as installed programs or even hardware devices like printers but with only one computer available to several users who can operate from different offices using only a central host PC.

What a Zero PC Terminal Looks Like

Up: Router
Below: Client Units with Keyboards and Monitors

What we Recommend for your Host PC

CPU/RAM Requirements for Host PC              Units of Terminal
Intel Dual Core 1.6GHz HT with 2GB                             02-05 sets
Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz HT with 3GB                             06-10 sets
Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz HT with 4GB                             11-15 sets
Intel Dual Core 2.2Ghz HT with 4GB+                           16-25 sets
Intel Dual Core 2.6Ghz HT with 4GB+                           26-30 sets
Intel Dual Core 2.8Ghz HT with 6GB+                           30-50 sets 

How the Zero PC Terminal can save you Money

1.0 Acquisition Costs
Purchasing a brand new unit of CPU, Monitor and Keyboard is far more expensive than just buying only keyboard and Monitor. The CPU is the main cost involved in buying a new PC. Hence you’ve saved your organization good money when acquiring the Zero PC terminal. No need to buy more than one CPU to run the system as you only need keyboards and mouse to run each client unit.

2.0 Maintenance Costs
From time to time computers go faulty. If it’s not the motherboard that’s having issues it could be one component that needs replacement and this comes at a cost. But with the Zero PC Terminal you won’t have to spend money on maintenance for client terminals.

3.0 Power Costs
You save valuable electricity units as well as for each client unit the only power consuming unit is the monitor which uses roughly the same amount of electricity as portable mobile devices unlike the CPU which uses far more units than the monitor.

Installation and other Enquiries
To start enjoying the benefits of the Zero PC Terminal for your establishment call us for installation or in need of any other information needing further clarification please call: 0818 083 1826

Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Government Agencies in Abuja to Know

If you reside in Abuja or have a reason to do business in Abuja, then you need to know about these Government Agencies in Abuja.

Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB)
This is a government agency under the Federal Ministry of the FCT saddled with the responsibility of enforcing environmental laws within Abuja metropolis. That includes removing beggars, hawkers, ensure environmental sanitation in public markets and gatherings among others. Illegal construction of shops, dumping of refuse or poor waste disposal even within residential areas is heavily frowned on by the agency and they also have a mobile court to try offenders.
Contact Information: Behind National Defence College, Off Herbert Macaulay Way, PMB 152, Nigeria Phone: 8065371812

Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC)
This is the equivalent of a local government area in most states. The Abuja municipal area council is the government at the local/municipal level and is responsible for overseeing provision of infrastructure in rural communities that fall within the council. They’re also responsible for primary health care and Education within Abuja.
Contact Information: 234-802-223-7014

Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA)
When it comes to providing and maintaining infrastructure within the main districts of Abuja and upholding the Abuja master plan, the agency responsible for that is the FCDA. If you build your house on land allocated for farming for instance, the FCDA would pull your house down since it violates the Abuja master plan.
Contact Information: Contact: 1 Kapital St. Area 11, Garki Tel. No.: 08022237014

Abuja Geo Informatics Systems (AGIS)
AGIS is a government agency whose primary responsibility is to ensure fairness and transparency in allocation of land within Abuja metropolis. If you have doubts about ownership of any particular landed property you can check with AGIS to confirm the authenticity or otherwise of the property. They also issue Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) and Right of Occupancy (R of O) to land owners. So when next you want to buy land or need advice on land purchase etc contact AGIS.
Contact Information: No. 4, Peace Drive, Area 11, Garki, Abuja, FCT 0819 127 5770

FCT Police Command
The FCT police command is a segment of the Nigeria police force. They have recorded significant success in crime fighting especially recovery of stolen cars, arrest of armed robbery suspects and other crime fighting. 
Contact Information: Samuel Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki 2, Abuja (Opposite Nigeria security printing and minting company)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Buy The Armstrong Tyre Sealer and Inflator in Abuja – You don’t need a Vulcanizer anymore

Imagine you’re driving your car and suddenly you realize you have a punctured tyre. Naturally you’d want to stop and change the tyre with the spare or alternatively you may want to visit a vulcanizer to help you patch or re-inflate the tyres. Well this is a tiresome process and those who have been through this especially late in the evenings, on public holidays or even Sundays know that Vulcanizers aren’t always available everywhere you go.

The fear of being stranded or trapped in the middle of nowhere when you stop your car due to a punctured tyre cannot be over emphasized. People have been robbed before that way especially in secluded areas at night.

But to the rescue comes an innovative product that saves you a lot of stress and puts you back on the road in no time at all – the very effective Armstrong tyre sealer and inflator.

What it can do for your Car Tyres
You can use the Armstrong tyre sealer to do the following;

Completely and permanently seal off punctures in your tyres
If a nail or other sharp object leaves a gaping hole that deflates your tyre, just plug and pump and your puncture disappears permanently.

Maintain Tyre Pressure
It can be used to ensure your tyre’s pressure is maintained. If you happen to have the valve tool for measuring your tyre’s pressure once it falls below the recommended level, just bring out the Armstrong and you’re good to go.

Prevents Air loss
Sometimes our tyres lose pressure due to air loss at the rim and bead. Luckily that will be a thing of the past with the Armstrong.

How to use it
  • Turn the valve upward and deflate the tyre
  • Shake the can of compressed gas well and screw the nozzle to the tyre valve
  • Place the can upside down and press the nozzle to re-inflate the tyre
  • Close the Valve and move a few meters. This movement ensures that the puncture is sealed off permanently and you’re good to go.
  • Whether it’s as preventive measure or corrective measure the Armstrong ensures that you continue driving without interruption as the punctures in your tyre are put off instantly and permanently.
To place orders for the Armstrong tyre sealer here in Abuja simply place a call to: 08033987076 or 08170505730

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Buy Suits, Shoes, Corporate and office Wares online in Nigeria

Ever wanted to buy very affordable suits, shoes, shirts or skirts for office use through online malls here in Nigeria? That would seem like a thing worth pursuing because buying these merchandise online has a lot of benefits just like they have challenges as well. We’ll review them to you to enable you find the ones you like at affordable prices as well.

But first let’s consider the benefits and challenges of shopping online in Nigeria so that if you’ve never had any such experience you may avoid regrets or smile as the case may be.

Benefits of Shopping Online in Nigeria

Shopping online in Nigeria can be a rewarding experience and here are some reasons why;

It’s Less Expensive
While a typical shop would stock wares and add the cost of renting the shop and paying staff who work there, an online shop really doesn’t have plenty of rent costs to factor in. This is because they can often stock their inventory from obscure locations with low rent costs and only add delivery costs to your purchased items thus making them slightly cheaper than buying from regular boutiques in town.

Buy great brands at discounts
Many Nigerian Online stores can also offer you great discounts of popular brands for various items because many of them can order for large quantities to resell unlike the local boutiques and as a result you can save yourself some money for premium quality brands

Saves time
You save time and stress going to the market and moving shop to shop for a particular item when all you have to do is log into your customer account in one of these stores and make purchase of whatever thing you want.

Problems of Shopping Online in Nigeria

But it’s not all rosy however, shopping online in Nigeria does have its problems too such as;

Poor Customer Service
Many online shops in Nigeria have problems with handling customer complaints or attending to customers’ needs. Some won’t take your calls for days and those that do will promise to resolve your issue as soon as possible but may not until you either threaten something drastic or just let go and move on.

Return Policy
While some shops would offer a 48 hour return back policy the reality on ground is that you may either have to wait for weeks before your money is returned back as customer service is still poor with many of them.

Trust issues
This can be grouped into two cases. One is whether what you ordered for is what will be delivered eventually or that items purchased may be defective. In the past buyers have had to refuse paying for this goods or demanding a refund.

But in spite of all these challenges many people still shop online in Nigeria with relative success and even now that you have the option of only paying on delivery many of the problems listed above can be avoided.

List of Nigerian Online Shops to buy Suits and Office Wares
Before purchasing any item from any of these it pays to read their terms and conditions so that you may not find yourself in a situation you may not like. Also read reviews about them from online forums to get insights into whether patronizing them is or isn’t a good idea.

Shopping Online with Tafoo –
This is one of Nigeria’s leading online stores for shopping for all manner of clothing items in Nigeria and their prices are very reasonable.

Shopping online with
Konga is a reliable online store when it comes to stocking a wide range of clothing and fashion accessory products. Their price is moderate with excellent customer service to go with.  

Shop online with Jumia –
Jumia is the largest online store in Nigeria with a very wide array of products but they have a few issues with customer service and prompt delivery especially outside Lagos.

Deal Dey –
For great deals on office and home wares you can count on them to supply you with generous discounts

Abuja Product Reviews –

We sell only Men’s suits for office use only here in Abuja. If you want to buy affordable office suits you can call yours any day simply give us a call to place your orders. Price starts from N10,000

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