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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Houses for sale in Abuja - Gwarinpa, Lokogoma, others!

3 Bedroom Semi detached house for sale at Pent City Estate in Lokogoma


The property is a finished & livable 3 bedroom semi-detached Bungalow fenced with gate and all rooms en-suit, pvc ceiling, functional borehole & overhead tank, spacious intelog compound, security house but NO BQ.


The property is located at the popular iPent 1 Estate(PENT CITY ESTATE), Lokogoma District, Abuja. i.e Road leading to Benthel Estate, immediate after EFAB Estate, Lokogoma.

Price: 19million (Negotiable)

 More Pictures

                                                   Front View from outside the compound

Entry Point to the Housing Estate

                                                                 Inside the house

                                                              Street leading to house

Interested in this property? Then call for inspection: 0818 083 1826

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Buy and Sell your products online in Abuja

In Abuja it's becoming increasingly popular for people to go online these days to post goods and services for sale to a target audience. This may be due to increasing popularity of internet enabled devices which has become common place with almost every one owning a blackberry, ipad or smart phone by which they can access information. Another reason also is how cost effective the internet is becoming as an advertising medium for small businesses in Abuja.

This article is for you if you wish to sell goods online as we’ll share a few tips with you on how to achieve results in your online business here in Abuja.

Note these 3 things if you want more sales for your business
First thing to know is that in order to sell you need to advertise as nobody buys when there aren’t even aware your business or products exists.

Second point to note is that advertising is an investment and not just a cost. The aim of adverts is to drive more sales to your business and consequently more profit that’s obviously an investment.

Third point what kind of advert is good for your business? Are you investing in driving more sales to your business or paying money on a hit and miss advert that doesn’t yield results?

The best kind of adverts to drive sales for your Abuja Business
Let’s simply this for you shall we? A good advert should have the following characteristics;
·         It is highly targeted – reaches the kind of people who will likely buy what you’re selling and not just anybody.

·         It is cost effective – doesn’t cost too much money but achieves relatively sufficient amount of enquiries and even sales.

·         You can monitor and measure results. If you don’t know what kind of message and how many people saw it and responded well to it you may not know for sure if the advert is worth it.
·         Adverts should last. The longer your advert runs the more people will get to see it.

All these characteristics can be found when you advertise on this blog and all these criteria are met with this blog. If you are serious about getting more leads either for enquiries or sales then contact us for details on how we can help Abuja people find you online – 0818 083 1826

Friday, October 25, 2013

Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Abuja

Looking for Chinese restaurants in Abuja that offer authentic, quality Chinese Cuisine? Here is our list of some in Abuja:

Woks and koi
They’re one of Abuja’s leading Chinese restaurants for the very best Chinese cuisine. They have Chinese chefs who make your meals but their waiters could do a little better with their service. For the price they charge for the meals we’d say they’re indeed worth patronizing.
Location: Silverbird Entertainment Center, Central Area

The Hut Catering
Although this is not exclusively a Chinese restaurant as you’re also served Thai and some regular continental and Nigerian dishes such as fried rice, goat meat stew with beans to name a few. It however boasts of a formidable Chinese menu as well as Italian cuisine.
Location: Aminu Kano Crescent Maitama

Marcopolo Oriental Restaurant
They’re quite expensive and seem to care less about it. Their meals though are really good and service is good. The restaurant area is very spacious making it suitable for group lunches. Marcopolo chose red with touches of white, cream and bright yellow for its ambiance which we like but not too pleased with.  Their meals start from N4000 a plate.
Location: 911 Mall, Usuma Street, Maitama

Sinoni Restaurant
Sinoni Chinese Restaurant offers first class Authentic Chinese Cuisine by Chinese Chefs in an authentic Chinese setting. They have several private dining rooms for business or family lunches & dinners and a banquet hall that can seat up to 100 people.  They however have trouble keeping up with orders as the place is a beehive of activities.
Location: Zeto Court, Oshogbo Close, Garki Area 11

It’s a very expensive Chinese restaurant in Abuja and by reviews from many customers is overhyped offering little value for money.
Location: Mississippi Street, Maitama

Other Asian Restaurants in Abuja

Here are a few more Asian restaurants added to this list to broaden your search for authentic Asian Cuisine in Abuja.

Grills in and Out
For Mongolian cuisine in Abuja it should be Grills in and Out. The ambiance is excellent and service delivery is efficient. Their meals are also moderately priced.
Location: Food City, off Bangui Street, Wuse 2

Juice Place 2
Although not wholly into Chinese Cuisine you can however enjoy well made Chinese meals at this upscale health friendly restaurant and juice Bar. Their prices are moderate and service is excellent.
Location: 25b, Libreville Street, Wuse 2

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Latest Job Vacancies in Abuja – 5 Abuja Online Job websites to know

Are you searching for job vacancies within Abuja city? We’ll recommend you use online medium to track existing and latest job vacancies on some job websites for a start but also consider having a few job search tips to help along.

Some Job Websites in Abuja Job Vacancies
Here are a few websites to know of if you’re searching for job vacancies in Abuja;
This blog uploads weekly job vacancies in various Abuja based organizations.
Perhaps the most popular job search website in Nigeria it’s one of the leading websites for latest Abuja job vacancies. The website has a portal that makes it easy to find specific jobs by industry and location.
This is Nigeria’s leading website and a major source of job vacancy news under. It’s a discussion forum and has many segments including its vacancy segment for latest jobs in Nigeria.
You can find daily job vacancies on this website from all over Nigeria and Abuja is not left out.
This online business directory also has a job/vacancy segment.

Start your job search in Abuja with any of these websites.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Private Home Lessons for Kids in Abuja

How Chess Makes Kids Smarter, Brighter and Nicer
Hi, I’m Chess Master Paul Onwueme and I’m glad to share with you a few things about chess in Schools and how kids could benefit from it.

The game of chess is one of the oldest (over 1500 years old) and it’s the most popular indoor board game in the world dubbed “game of kings” and for good reasons too. In ancient times people who played chess belonged to an elite group; educated, wealthy or connected with both. In our time people who play chess exceptionally also belong to an elite group people with above average intelligence.

The game is played by 2 people on a board comprising 64 alternating colours of black and white squares, the winner is the one who can force mate – by ‘capturing’ the enemy king with no possibility of defense from his subjects, when this happens we have checkmate.

Why Chess is such a great game?

Many great minds owe their creativity and analytical skills to early learning of chess in schools such as former world chess champion and Popular Russian politician Garry Kasparov and Dutch Billionaire Joop Van Oosterom

With curriculum based learning chess has been proven to affect kids in the following ways;

Ø  Making Kids Smarter: because it enables them to think creatively and critically kids who learn to play chess at an early age develop higher I.Qs than those who don’t
Ø  Makes kids remember things more – the mind memorizes ideas better in terms of images, shapes and dimensions and chess is a good way to improve this attribute in kids
Ø  Helps kids make better decisions:  by exposing them to strategy and planning, kids can learn to anticipate future possibilities on every action/move they make and decide if it’s the right one or not.
Ø  Chess helps teach kids how to focus and be patient. Since kids learn to concentrate and evaluate positions on the chess board, they’ll pick up good habits; focus and patience.
Registering kids for chess is a very instructive and fun way to boost their intellectual development. It’s not just a fun game, it’s a game that enhances learning in a fun way.

About Me

Playing Experience

I started playing chess professionally in 2007 when I joined the Yabatech Chess Club as a student player. Having played in many local chess tournaments including NBL national chess championships, Ultimate Masters Tournament and friends of chess I have professional experience playing chess with some of Nigeria’s strongest players at the national level.

Teaching Experience(2009 till date)

While in Lagos I taught chess in the following prestigious schools as the lead Chess instructor of Candy Kids Chess Academy - owned by National Chess Master Charles Campbell; Meadow hall Schools, Children’s International School, Delightsome British Home School, Pine Field Schools, (all in Lekki) Childville Schools (yaba) and Greenwood House Schools (Parkview, Ikoyi).

Presently I’m the chess coach of American International School of Abuja and International Community School in Jabi where I hold weekly classes for pupils of the schools. I also do private home lessons for both kids and adults.

My Other Services | Home Classes for kids| Master training for adults, intermediates| Chess Supplies| Call me for enquiries and classes: 0803 206 4106

Friday, October 11, 2013

Abuja Professional Photographers, Photography services for your Abuja weddings and Social Events

Abuja is fast evolving into a mega city with thousands of events holding annually. Many of these events need to be captured in pictures for record purposes or for media use and who else could possibly do these than someone with excellent photography skills?

Here in Abuja there are hundreds of businesses that offer photography services but only a handful of them make sense in providing excellent services customers would always appreciate. Whether it’s your wedding, child’s birthday party, opening or launch of a new business, a book launch, a graduation ceremony, matriculation, seminar, conference or even a church activity or other interesting social event a photographer with near perfect photography skills should be on your wish list to make a lasting impression.

Abuja Professional Photographers for Hire
Photographers have a way of adding life to your event. Whenever you call them to cover your events you can be sure to relive moments at those special events over and over again in your mind as you look back at photo albums of your picture collections. Where do you start from though? Obviously from tried and tested hands in the business we’ll get to them shortly.

Where to get your Abuja Photo Books

These days photo books do a better representation than albums as they look more presentable and last longer. They can be customized to meet your requirements and of course kept neatly along with other books in your book shelf. Most reliable photography studios in Abuja offer photo books to clients.

Tips of Picking a good Abuja based Photographer
When it comes to picking a photographer to do an excellent job for you in Abuja we have a few tips to guide you. Let these be your criteria;

Do they have Client References?
Reliable photographers usually have references to pull from. Always check to see who their clients are and what they've done previously. A good photographer usually has an impressive selection of businesses especially corporate organisations who they've served in the past.

Do they have a functional Website?
Websites don't just perform the role of a marketing/branding tool they serve as a good informational tool as well. Does the so called photographer have a website that sell his/her brand with reliable contact information? 

Portfolio of completed jobs
What jobs have they done in the past and for whom? This ought to educate you on just how effective and professional they are in their jobs. Many expert photographers keep a gallery of some completed jobs so people can see them and have a feel of what they can do.

Here in Abuja we can proudly recommend Blue Bay Studios as a reliable Photography Studio for any kind of event. To start enjoying their services call: 08036005178

Friday, October 4, 2013

Extra-mural, extracurricular Schools and Private Home Classes for kids in Abuja

Are you looking for excellent ways to improve your child’s intellectual development with fun but very stimulating activities that will ensure your kids acquire valuable talent building and life transforming skills? Then this article is for you.

Kids naturally have an inquisitive mind and are also very playful. They learn faster through play and leisure than actual academic work hence why 21st century teaching is geared towards making classes more interactive and fun through interesting but stimulating activities that keep their minds active and enables them discover themselves – their natural abilities and personalities as well.

Here in Abuja if you want your kids to enjoy the benefits of extra-curricular activities you can sign up for any of the following;

Chess is the most mentally stimulating game in the world challenging its players to become more focused and strategic in their thinking. Here are benefits of a structured chess program for kids;

Ø  It Make Kids Smarter: because it enables them to think creatively and critically kids who learn to play chess at an early age develop higher I.Qs than those who don’t
Ø  It Makes kids remember things more – the mind memorizes ideas better in terms of images, shapes and dimensions and chess is a good way to improve this attribute in kids
Ø  Helps kids make better decisions:  by exposing them to strategy and planning, kids can learn to anticipate future possibilities on every action/move they make and decide if it’s the right one or not.
Ø  Chess helps teach kids how to focus and be patient. Since kids learn to concentrate and evaluate positions on the chess board, they’ll pick up good habits; focus and patience.
Chess lessons can be organised on weekends for kids and time for the lessons are flexible to fit with your schedule.

Bead Making
Kids can learn how to make beads thus empowering them with income generating skills.

Martial Arts
Martial arts teaches self discipline and self defense against bullies who may be threat to one’s safety. There are various martial arts one can learn in Abuja such as Taekwando, Aikido, Karate and Kick boxing. Classes are usually on weekends or in the mornings on select weekdays.

To register for any of these classes simply call: 0803 206 4106

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