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Monday, August 26, 2013

Professional Training Courses in Events Management, Venue Decoration and Planning in Abuja

Want to become a qualified events management planner or handler here in Abuja? We have a good trainer to recommend to you in Zarah bliss.

There are many reasons why anyone should take to events management as an occupation here in Abuja. One of which is that Abuja is a virgin land when it comes to providing excellent events planning and management services. There are few businesses in events planning that provide the kind of exceptional service that clients would be proud and satisfied in letting others know about.

Fortunately there’s one events planning company that knows its onions – Zarah bliss with over 11 years practical experience in their kitty and a long list of satisfied customers. The company also does training for budding events planners in Abuja.

So whether it's events decoration, events management or actual planning of the event you're covered when you register for the course.

Best part of it all is that the training is free and holds on the last Saturdays and Sundays of the month from 10 am to 2 pm.

Want to take that bold step towards a lucrative career in Events management and planning in Abuja, then you know who to reach out to.

To get excellent training from highly experienced events managers and planners here in Abuja simply call Zarah Bliss on: 08100360700 to schedule a training session with you. Culled from:

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  1. It is a superb post. Event Management Course is an best job oriented course, Today a number of event management
    courses are available such as diploma in Event management , MBA in event management,Degree in Event management etc.

  2. This course sounds very interesting. Is there a follow up course coming soon? Thanks. Carina

  3. I want be a event organizer but i have not a good trainer from a long time after reading this blog i get it. I think you give me much help to learn to me the Event Management Sydney . Thank you for sharing......

  4. Event management is really an upcoming business and this course is surely going to help.

  5. I would say That a PMP Certification is highly respected With Both IT & o-IT communities where strong project management skills are required. If you pla o a log term career as a project manager, the yes, eve with your level of experience, I would suggest getting your PMP. You ca to prepare yourself for the exam i oe of the PMP training providers like PMP prep course PMP classes to get PMP credentials .You ca do minimal prep-work to get 40 Contact Hours PMI ® ad apply to PMI for PMP Exam before the class begins.


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