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Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to reach Abuja based customers and leads - Advertise on is the most targeted blog online that reaches an Abuja audience. We have a very vibrant and engaging online audience made up of young people mostly based in Abuja and who connect with us via social media; and and our online blog;

To reach your Abuja audience with your products and Services we have the following services to match your needs;

Directory Listing

If you own an Abuja business and wish to have local online searches to find you with your contact information, photos/videos and a brief write-up offering your clients compelling reasons to patronize you then we recommend this service for you.

Display Advertising

Alternatively you could opt for display advertising but this is more suited for products and brand awareness requiring prompt response such as sales or direct enquiries. We’ll display your information as an advert in a highly visible part of our blog which our readers can view and click on to get further details.

SEO Article Marketing

If you want people who use search engines to find you directly and contact you for sales or other marketing aims then we recommend this service for you especially if you own and operate a service delivery b usiness. We’ll optimize your article for highly targeted searches so it appears on google, bing, yahoo’s first page for target keywords which people would likely use when searching for information related to your product.

Social Media Marketing

If you wish to create online buzz for a forth coming event or an artiste or any other online promotions then connect with us for details. We’ll use a combination of twitter, facebook, google plus and Black Berry Messenger to disseminate this information to an Abuja based audience.

Website Traffic Generation

If you want to build traffic to your website or blog what better way to do this than through targeted website visits. We’ll draw attention to your website through relevant links on high traffic articles that point to your website.

e-Flier Promotions

Save money for printing fliers and handbills, the online version is equally as effective and far less costly and we’ll showcase your brand online in visuals that our readers can connect to.

To get a quote for these simply send us an email to and we’ll forward you details.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Professional Training Courses in Events Management, Venue Decoration and Planning in Abuja

Want to become a qualified events management planner or handler here in Abuja? We have a good trainer to recommend to you in Zarah bliss.

There are many reasons why anyone should take to events management as an occupation here in Abuja. One of which is that Abuja is a virgin land when it comes to providing excellent events planning and management services. There are few businesses in events planning that provide the kind of exceptional service that clients would be proud and satisfied in letting others know about.

Fortunately there’s one events planning company that knows its onions – Zarah bliss with over 11 years practical experience in their kitty and a long list of satisfied customers. The company also does training for budding events planners in Abuja.

So whether it's events decoration, events management or actual planning of the event you're covered when you register for the course.

Best part of it all is that the training is free and holds on the last Saturdays and Sundays of the month from 10 am to 2 pm.

Want to take that bold step towards a lucrative career in Events management and planning in Abuja, then you know who to reach out to.

To get excellent training from highly experienced events managers and planners here in Abuja simply call Zarah Bliss on: 08100360700 to schedule a training session with you. Culled from:

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Monday, August 12, 2013

6 Popular Abuja Companies to know about

There are many companies operating in Abuja but just a few stand out from the lot. But Abuja being the Capital of Nigeria is not known for being a commercial nor industrial town but that however hasn’t stopped some companies from setting up their main operations in Abuja. These are 6 companies in Abuja you should know about;

Julius Berger

This is arguably Nigeria’s largest construction company handling many road construction projects all over Abuja. The company has many bases in Abuja at Life camp, Maitama, Utako to name a few and you’ll likely run into them at work on any major road or bridge project happening in Abuja.

Shop Rite

This company is a major retail outlet originally from south Africa that has made its presence felt all over Nigeria especially Lagos. But in Abuja you’ll find them at the Grand Towers Mall in Apo where they own a strong presence at their ultra modern mall offering Abuja residents the best of retail services with their very rich product selection.

Fortis Micro Finance Bank

This is one of the largest Micro Finance institutions operating in Nigeria and it’s situated on Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent in Wuse 2 opposite Visafone Abuja head office. If you own an Abuja based SME and wish to approach a financial institution for a loan you may want to contact them for enquiries.

Industrial and General Insurance (IGI)

This is an Insurance company that has made strides nationally as one the largest insurers in Nigeria. In Abuja their head office is located at Wuse Zone 4 very close to the City Library. The company provides a range of insurance services such as life assurance, fire, mutual fidelity and even marine insurance to name a few.

Aso Savings Limited

This is one of Nigeria’s largest Mortgage institutions providing financial services for people looking to invest in real estate or own their own private properties. Aso Savings is also a public limited liability company listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


This is one of the largest Fast Food restaurants in Abuja setting a standard that many eateries are battling to meet up with. The company has 5 restaurant outlets and seems set to even capture more market territory within Abuja. You’ll find them at Wuse 2, Asokoro and Garki 2.

Do you own a business in Abuja and what to attract serious leads online or want cost effective marketing exposure? Send us an email: and we'll give you details.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Second Hand Cars For Sale in Abuja: How to find great Used Cars to buy

If you’re to buy a second hand car in Abuja, chances are that you’ll spend more than you should at least when we consider that you’ll likely pay less in other Nigerian cities and there are many reasons for this but we’ll focus on these few ones;

Rent in Abuja is expensive

According to one survey done by the world bank, Abuja is one of the most difficult places to do business in Nigeria. This has been found among other things to be due to high cost of renting space to do business as land is very expensive in Abuja. Imagine a car dealer who has to purchase cars from Lagos, transporting those cars, registering them and still having to rent space to display his cars for sale on expensive plots naturally he’ll want to make a profit and that can only come when he passes the cost to you the end user hence why cars in Abuja cost more than other places in Nigeria.

Strict Environmental Laws in Abuja

Because the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) has been very active of late strictly enforcing environmental laws in the metropolis not many people are willing to test the might of the enforcement arm of the FCDA. Better to play by the rules than pay heavily through your nose so car dealers don’t just display their cars anywhere, they have to choose select locations which may not come cheap.

High cost of moving these cars to Abuja

Most cars from either Cotonou – which is where most of these cars for sale are gotten from involves a lot of stress and costs. Talk about clearing it, documenting it, then finally moving it to Abuja all these things don’t come cheap. So if a car sells for N600,000 in Lagos chances are it may sell for up to N700,000 or more in Abuja.

Abuja People are Perceived to be richer

Many car dealers believe that Abuja is a place where plenty of money moves round so it doesn’t matter if you’re a civil servant once you make a move to purchase a car the car dealer considers you to be fair game. Play smart too or else you’ll pay more than you should.

Tips on how to find good cars to buy in Abuja

So now you’re ready to purchase a second hand car in Abuja and you’re wondering how to go about it, let’s help you out a bit with the little we know.

What do you want in a car?

This is a very important question you should ask yourself before you venture out to buy a car. Do you want a car that consumes less fuel, has affordable spare parts, easy to maintain and still has ample space? Then you may want to try Toyota space wagons or Nissan Primera as they cost less and are easier to maintain. But obviously every man has different needs so answer this question first.

Why do you want the car?

Do you want it to be a family car for social occasions and taking the kids to school, church etc or you just want a simple car to move about with for work or perhaps you wish to run a taxi service on a part time basis – some car owners do this – the choice is yours. Know why you want to use the car. Personally I’d say buying a car for showing off or oppressing others is a waste of time.

What is your budget?

Do not attempt to buy what you can’t afford to maintain nor do what many penny wise pound foolish people would do which is to see price as yard stick over actual value of the car. Don’t buy a car because it’s cheap, the car may have some hidden faults you don’t know about which may cost you a lot to fix later. So go for grade A cars and know the average market price before fixing your budget. N600,000 is a good start for a quality second hand car in Abuja.

Consider your options

When searching for that Abuja car to puchase consider your options in terms of who has what you want. For instance car mechanics often times know who has a car he wants to dispose of so you may want to start with them but be careful so they don’t rip you off. Also the internet is a great place to search for cars and some popular websites include Nairaland, olx and cheki NG to name a few. You can find great car deals from these websites. Also some known road side car dealers may have cars at bargain prices but these are on rare occasions. So try out all your options before making your move.

Update: Honda Accord 2006 Model in good condition located at Maitama is available for inspection call: 0818 083 1826 

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