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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 5 Universities in Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and for that reason one would expect the best Universities in Nigeria to be found here. But reality on ground is they aren’t so at the moment not in the least is the age of these universities plus the fact that many of them are not fully operational at least as at July 2013. But it does pay to know a little about these 5 Universities in Abuja in case you’re thinking of taking up a course in any of them. By the way as at the time of this writing no Nigerian University is in the top 5000 in the world.

University of Abuja, Gwagwalada

This is the oldest university in Abuja and by antecedents the best as at 2013 – if the other universities get their acts together this so called University would fall from its ‘exalted’ position. Founded in 1988 by a military decree the University runs both undergraduate and post graduate courses in diverse fields including social sciences and arts. But the University is sub –standard going by national averages as many state universities fare better in terms of academic and infrastructural readiness. The university is notorious for cash and carry admissions as many students get admitted through a corrupt system.

Baze University (Jabi Abuja)

This is the most expensive university in Nigeria and this may not be unconnected with the fact that it’s owned by some very powerful and wealthy Abuja based politicians who have invested heavily in setting it up. While the University boasts of having state of the art facilities and some imported lecturers with specialized experience one still has to adopt a let’s watch and see attitude for this University. Will the amount paid be justified by the quality of products it churns out? It currently runs only undergraduate courses in IT, law and Business Studies.

Veritas University Abuja (Bwari)

This is the first truly owned Catholic University in Nigeria – if Madonna University Okija is seriously Catholic owned. The University just like Baze is less than 5 years old and has just two faculties as of 2013/2014 Academic session. In terms of standards that remains to be seen although Catholic run tertiary institutions tend to be of high standards globally. Hoping that this University would prove itself over time and join the league of world class Universities operating in Africa.

Nigerian Turkish Nile University (Jabi Airport By Pass) Abuja

At the moment this University is still growing with a small student community but a vibrant academic calendar. If the University follows in the footsteps of Nigerian Turkish International College one would expect this University to be a reference point for sound tertiary Education in Nigeria. However for now I’ll rather watch as things unfold. By the way this University is very expensive by Nigerian standards of course only slightly cheaper than Baze University.

African University of Science and Technology - AUST Abuja (Galamadimawa)

This is a research oriented University geared towards providing technically sound graduates in the core sciences and applied sciences. At the moment the University runs both undergraduate and post graduate courses in various fields including petroleum Engineering, Computer Science and biological sciences. The university is also trying to introduce some innovative courses in the coming years including some on renewable energy and innovation in business.


  1. baze university is definitely a good school, i can tell because am a student there.

    1. How good? What accreditation does it have? Also, can you please let us know what the pass rate is? i.e. Do most students fail or pass? How many students are able to get a first class? etc


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