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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top 5 Abuja Businesses and Investment Opportunities

These are the top 5 businesses in Abuja based on how lucrative and common place they are. If you have the capital to roll in the league of the big businesses then you might consider looking into these for a start.

Night Clubs/Lounges

Abuja is full of fun seekers many of whom have so much cash to throw around and what better way to do this than to spend it recklessly at night clubs and lounges. Let’s not forget how quickly you’ll find wannabes who think showing off is a necessity. At bars and night clubs you’ll find all class of cash spenders both contenders and pretenders hence why opening one especially in the high brow parts of town is such a money spinning idea.

Abuja Schools

Another common business opportunity is setting up a school that targets a particular segment. Some schools are obviously aimed at expatriate community such as the Centagon Schools and America International school while others alternatively target middle class folks such as the pacesetters college in Wuye to mention a few. Whatever the case Abuja is a rapidly expanding city and the demand for schools offering qualitative Education will continue to be on the rise at least while the public schools fail to leave up to expectations.

Abuja Restaurants and Bars

Do you ever consider owning a restaurant or bar in Abuja you’d be doing a smart thing if you pick Wuse 2 as your preferred location. But don’t limit yourself incase your budget falls short. Other great places to own a bar or restaurant include parks/gardens of select shopping plazas that are located in densely populated and busy parts of town. This is mainly an evening, weekend and public holiday kind of business.

Abuja Hotels

Hotels in Abuja are as common as street lights. This is understandable because there are a lot of visitors to Abuja on both diplomatic and business visits. Rarely do these visitors rent apartments to stay in, rather they opt for temporary accommodation in the form of hotels. Although the business is capital intensive hotels generally in Abuja record brisk business.

Real Estate

If you can buy land cheap in Abuja do what every sensible investor is doing now, buy and hold for a few years. Land prices have always been on the rise in Abuja especially as more development is expected to reach many parts of the city not yet covered. Karshi, Sabon Lugbe and Orozo are a few examples of areas where land ownership today could translate into millionaire status tomorrow. Typically people develop land in Abuja to build plazas/shopping malls, hotels or residential buildings. The choice is yours to make.

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