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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PMP Training and Certification in Abuja – A review

When we hear of abandoned projects what naturally comes to mind is a corrupt contractor who was handed a project usually a construction project like a building or road and abandoned it to unfairly net money for himself/herself at the expense of the government and tax payers at large. The reality however is that not all abandoned projects are due to corrupt tendencies of contractors as very often incompetence plays a part in it as well.

As a government contractor or even a professional in any field one will at one point in time have to embark on a project whether of small or large scale and we can’t seriously think we can succeed if we don't have the needed skills in project management and proof that we indeed have those skills by way of certification in this case PMP.

What is PMP?

It stands for project management professional and is a certification which only a graduate with at least 3 years work experience can acquire. Armed with a PMP the sky is the limit to what you can achieve professionally as a PMP certified professional has at his disposal needed skills to embark upon and successfully supervise projects of any kind or scale regardless of which field the project falls into. So if I’m a teacher with a Bachelors degree and a PMP certification in my kitty I can embark on say a road construction project as the project manager even though I have no background in engineering. That is how versatile this certification makes you.

Why Project Management Certification is needed in Abuja?

There are a lot of projects going on in Abuja and funny enough many of these projects are handled by inexperienced or incompetent professionals. The cost of having someone who’s inexperienced to handle a project for you is really high we can look at it as a case of penny wise pound foolish which unfortunately is what many people in a bid to cut corners and make an easy buck could be guilty of. The way out is simple: we need to hire experts to handle projects in Abuja.

Benefits of a PMP Certification

If you’re a certified PMP professional you have quite a lot of reasons to smile. Firstly consider it as a strong edge in the labour market as PMP certification adds to propping up your CV making it more intimidating – in a manner of speaking. Secondly as a professional you need added skills to get you to where you want to be career wise, so as an engineer with PMP training you now have added skills to enable you succeed in your profession handling bigger and more lucrative projects.

PMP Training Classes in Abuja

So if you’re prepared to take that leap that’ll lead you to eventually becoming a certified PMP professional then you’ll first need to take classes with expert trainers who will guide you successfully in your quest.

To hook up with expert and experienced PMP trainers here in Abuja simply give us a call: 0818 083 1826.

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