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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abuja Children’s Toys and Clothing Stores

When looking for a clothing store in Abuja or a toy store in Abuja to buy your kids some loving shirts and dresses or toys/dolls as the case may be you’re often times limited to whatever you’re able or lucky to feast your eyes on.

Why we won’t hold brief for anyone we can proudly state that when in search of those high quality children’s clothing and toys for your kids that you won’t be disappointed at least if you start your search from the following listed:

Children’s Affairs (Wuse 2)

This is by far the best equipped clothing store in all of Abuja. There’s no store any where in Abuja that has as much stock as Children’s Affairs which has it all from toys to books for kids, clothing, bags, bedroom kit for kids of all ages. The store stands on 3 floors conspicuously located on Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent in Wuse 2 this is the only Children’s store in Abuja that we can say if you can’t find it here you’re not likely to find it anywhere else.

Wuse Market (Wuse District)

This is Abuja’s busiest Market and one of the most expensive due to the outrageous amounts people pay as rent in this market. There are a few stores that sell children’s clothes and toys here but we can’t vouch for their reliability in terms of fair pricing and diverse product range.

Silverbird Entertainment Center (Wuse Zone 4)

The Silverbird Entertainment Center is not only a place where people go to see movies or hang out for social activities, it’s also an excellent place to go shopping although we’ll warn you things are very expensive here. There are at least two clothing stores wholly dedicated to kids and the target market is an upscale group if you know what we mean.

Garki International Model Market (Garki 2 District)

This is Abuja’s most modern open market with practically everything you need to have an excellent shopping experience. There are many Children’s stores and shops in this market so you have more than enough options only thing is the time you’ll spend searching for them as the market is very big.

Various Shopping Plazas in Wuse 2

Wuse 2 is the headquarters of shopping in Abuja and we make bold to state this as this is where you’ll find the highest number of shopping plazas with brisk business happening there. Here you’ll find Banex Plaza, Shariff Plaza, Bloomsbury Plaza, Blue world plaza to mention a few where there are a number of shops that deal in Children’s wares.

Happy shopping as you go about searching for clothes and toys for your kids in Abuja.

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