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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PMP Training and Certification in Abuja – A review

When we hear of abandoned projects what naturally comes to mind is a corrupt contractor who was handed a project usually a construction project like a building or road and abandoned it to unfairly net money for himself/herself at the expense of the government and tax payers at large. The reality however is that not all abandoned projects are due to corrupt tendencies of contractors as very often incompetence plays a part in it as well.

As a government contractor or even a professional in any field one will at one point in time have to embark on a project whether of small or large scale and we can’t seriously think we can succeed if we don't have the needed skills in project management and proof that we indeed have those skills by way of certification in this case PMP.

What is PMP?

It stands for project management professional and is a certification which only a graduate with at least 3 years work experience can acquire. Armed with a PMP the sky is the limit to what you can achieve professionally as a PMP certified professional has at his disposal needed skills to embark upon and successfully supervise projects of any kind or scale regardless of which field the project falls into. So if I’m a teacher with a Bachelors degree and a PMP certification in my kitty I can embark on say a road construction project as the project manager even though I have no background in engineering. That is how versatile this certification makes you.

Why Project Management Certification is needed in Abuja?

There are a lot of projects going on in Abuja and funny enough many of these projects are handled by inexperienced or incompetent professionals. The cost of having someone who’s inexperienced to handle a project for you is really high we can look at it as a case of penny wise pound foolish which unfortunately is what many people in a bid to cut corners and make an easy buck could be guilty of. The way out is simple: we need to hire experts to handle projects in Abuja.

Benefits of a PMP Certification

If you’re a certified PMP professional you have quite a lot of reasons to smile. Firstly consider it as a strong edge in the labour market as PMP certification adds to propping up your CV making it more intimidating – in a manner of speaking. Secondly as a professional you need added skills to get you to where you want to be career wise, so as an engineer with PMP training you now have added skills to enable you succeed in your profession handling bigger and more lucrative projects.

PMP Training Classes in Abuja

So if you’re prepared to take that leap that’ll lead you to eventually becoming a certified PMP professional then you’ll first need to take classes with expert trainers who will guide you successfully in your quest.

To hook up with expert and experienced PMP trainers here in Abuja simply give us a call: 0818 083 1826.

All the best

Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 5 Abuja Fast Food Restaurants to know

Abuja Eateries are popular among the young at heart especially singles in their 20s looking to hook up with dates or hang out with friends. If you are looking for Fast food restaurants in Abuja for whatever reasons we’ll suggest these 5 based on our knowledge of which ones stand out from the rest.

Southern Fried Chicken (Maitama, Garki, Wuse 2)

This is perhaps the most customer friendly and most attractive fast food restaurant in Abuja. We’ve seen many restaurants but this particular one is different from many in terms of the neat and cosy ambience. An outing at any of their 4 outlets in Abuja is a fantastic way to enjoy an outdoor experience in Abuja as their menu is also slightly richer than the average Abuja fast food restaurant. They have outlets on Gana Street in Maitama, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent and Libreville Street in Wuse 2 as well as Dunikofia street in Garki Area 11).

Kilimanjaro (Maitama, Ceddi Plaza and Nyanya)

This is another popular Abuja fast food restaurant which to our mind is also relatively customer friendly. Although they serve practically the same items you’ll find at most Abuja eateries they are slightly more expensive. The ambience is okay but could be a bit better. Their main branch is at the 911 mall in Maitama but also have outlets at ceddi plaza in central area as well as in Nyanya.

Drumstix (Asokoro, Wuse 2 and Garki 2)

This is Abuja’s most popular fast food restaurant judging by the volume of business they conduct plus the fact that they have become a household name among many Abuja residents. They have outlets in Asokoro, two in wuse 2 and one in Garki 2 district.

Chicken Capitol (Wuse Zone 3 by neighbourhood center)

Chicken Capitol located in zone 3 wuse district serves the best Sharwarma in Abuja at least as of 2012. But in addition to their great Sharwarma they have a posh ambience and for a fast food eatery of their size we think they are resourceful and efficient but they need to keep up with maintenance as some of their furniture are showing signs for immediate replacement.

Chicken Republic (Wuse 2 and by Berger Bus Stop)

Chicken Republic is a national fast food eatery brand that you’ll easily take note of when you’re traveling through the capitals of many states in Nigeria but in Abuja they’ve come of age as a strong restaurant brand. They offer quality meals at slightly average prices and we reckon that given a little more time they might open even more branches. Like all branches in other states chicken republic has a nice ambience and customer service is average.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Abuja Children’s Toys and Clothing Stores

When looking for a clothing store in Abuja or a toy store in Abuja to buy your kids some loving shirts and dresses or toys/dolls as the case may be you’re often times limited to whatever you’re able or lucky to feast your eyes on.

Why we won’t hold brief for anyone we can proudly state that when in search of those high quality children’s clothing and toys for your kids that you won’t be disappointed at least if you start your search from the following listed:

Children’s Affairs (Wuse 2)

This is by far the best equipped clothing store in all of Abuja. There’s no store any where in Abuja that has as much stock as Children’s Affairs which has it all from toys to books for kids, clothing, bags, bedroom kit for kids of all ages. The store stands on 3 floors conspicuously located on Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent in Wuse 2 this is the only Children’s store in Abuja that we can say if you can’t find it here you’re not likely to find it anywhere else.

Wuse Market (Wuse District)

This is Abuja’s busiest Market and one of the most expensive due to the outrageous amounts people pay as rent in this market. There are a few stores that sell children’s clothes and toys here but we can’t vouch for their reliability in terms of fair pricing and diverse product range.

Silverbird Entertainment Center (Wuse Zone 4)

The Silverbird Entertainment Center is not only a place where people go to see movies or hang out for social activities, it’s also an excellent place to go shopping although we’ll warn you things are very expensive here. There are at least two clothing stores wholly dedicated to kids and the target market is an upscale group if you know what we mean.

Garki International Model Market (Garki 2 District)

This is Abuja’s most modern open market with practically everything you need to have an excellent shopping experience. There are many Children’s stores and shops in this market so you have more than enough options only thing is the time you’ll spend searching for them as the market is very big.

Various Shopping Plazas in Wuse 2

Wuse 2 is the headquarters of shopping in Abuja and we make bold to state this as this is where you’ll find the highest number of shopping plazas with brisk business happening there. Here you’ll find Banex Plaza, Shariff Plaza, Bloomsbury Plaza, Blue world plaza to mention a few where there are a number of shops that deal in Children’s wares.

Happy shopping as you go about searching for clothes and toys for your kids in Abuja.

Top 5 Places in Abuja to find Houses for Sale

Are you looking for a house for sale in Abuja and don’t have the crazy amount of money some folks quote? Then you should start your search for a property especially a house for sale in the following districts based on their proximity to the city center plus the fact that they’re relatively less expensive.

House for sale in Wuye District

Wuye is one of the fast developing towns in Abuja city center. Presently there is abundant land which isn’t developed but not for long as that was the case a few years ago with other well developed districts such as Jabi and Utako. Houses in Wuye district are not as expensive as say Maitama or Gwarinpa and this is due to untarred roads plus accessibility. Come back in 5 years time and see if you’d find those houses cheap.

Houses for sale in Apo District

Apo is a highly developed district part of Gudu district. It is very famous for having the Apo legislative quarters which used to be home to Nigeria’s federal law makers. In addition to this is the presence of well developed housing estates and commercial property. Houses in this district for now are not too expensive and if your budget meets with a house for sale our take is buy now.

Houses for sale in Gwarinpa

Gwarinpa has the largest housing estate in Abuja and possibly Nigeria. There is rapid development coming to this part of Abuja with many rich and famous Nigerians who can afford to own a house opting to settle here. Land prices are high and is likely to continue rising over the coming years. Some popular landmarks in gwarinpa include the punk palace (home to enigmatic Charlie boy) and

Houses for sale in Durumi

Durumi is a quiet but rapidly developing district. Centrally located and in close proximity with Garki, Kaura and Wuye Districts Durumi is an ideal place for people who want a quiet location close to the city center.

Houses for Sale in Jabi District

On this list of houses for sale in Abuja Jabi is easily the most expensive as this district is a choice location, well developed and centrally located. There’s hardly any undeveloped land in this district but you’ll find a lot of mansions and posh houses.

Looking for a house to buy in Abuja? If you're serious then give us a call we might have what you're looking for: 0818 083 1826

Monday, May 20, 2013

Top 5 Hotels in Abuja you should know about

These 5 Abuja hotels are among the best hotels in Abuja you’ll likely find judging by their level of service delivery in comparison to many other Abuja Hotels. If you’re on a visit to Abuja and would like to lodge at any hotel we’ll suggest these 5 for a start although there are several others that are worth looking into. A standard hotel should have swimming pool, nice bar, casino, standard restaurants and efficient services. These hotels meet up with these standards.

Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Maitama District, Abuja

The most prestigious hotel in Abuja and one of the best in Nigeria as well, the Transcorp Hilton has come to stay. The former Nicon Nuga Hilton Hotel has undergone various name changes as different investors acquired it over time but it still remains the hotel of choice as it has always been. If there’s anything you don’t find at Transcorp you’re not likely to find it in any other hotel.

Sheraton Hotels and Towers in Zone 4, Wuse District, Abuja

By our reckoning, this is the 2nd best Hotel in Abuja. It has everything you’ll expect in a 5 star hotel however it is expensive and a bit overrated for the value of service you get in comparison with the price. However the hotel is the choice of many visitors to Abuja because it too is centrally located but also very secure and of international standard.

Sandralia Hotels in Jabi District, Abuja

This is a new hotel in Abuja which is very impressive in terms of offering high quality service, attractive ambiance and hospitality service, It is also fairly priced compared to other luxury hotels in the city and for my money is worth it all the way. Excellent Gym, room service, clean swimming pool, courteous staff, good food and secure environment plus within shouting distance from the city center.

Chelsea Hotel in Garki District, Area 11 and Wuse 2

Although not in the same league as Sheraton Hotel and Transcorp Hilton it however is a top class Abuja Hotel. It has a small car park just able to hold less than 150 cars and small halls for holding events. But it’s centrally located within the city center and is expensive but not as expensive as the top 2.

Agura Hotels (Garki District, Area 10)

This is one of the oldest hotels in Abuja but also one of the best in terms of available facilities on ground. The hotel has a huge car parking space with spacious rooms added to the fact that it is centrally located in Area 10 close to Army and Air force headquarters in Abuja, it is ideal for guests who want to be close to the city center. From the rooms you can have a direct view of the capital city and the daily hustle and bustle.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top 5 Abuja Businesses and Investment Opportunities

These are the top 5 businesses in Abuja based on how lucrative and common place they are. If you have the capital to roll in the league of the big businesses then you might consider looking into these for a start.

Night Clubs/Lounges

Abuja is full of fun seekers many of whom have so much cash to throw around and what better way to do this than to spend it recklessly at night clubs and lounges. Let’s not forget how quickly you’ll find wannabes who think showing off is a necessity. At bars and night clubs you’ll find all class of cash spenders both contenders and pretenders hence why opening one especially in the high brow parts of town is such a money spinning idea.

Abuja Schools

Another common business opportunity is setting up a school that targets a particular segment. Some schools are obviously aimed at expatriate community such as the Centagon Schools and America International school while others alternatively target middle class folks such as the pacesetters college in Wuye to mention a few. Whatever the case Abuja is a rapidly expanding city and the demand for schools offering qualitative Education will continue to be on the rise at least while the public schools fail to leave up to expectations.

Abuja Restaurants and Bars

Do you ever consider owning a restaurant or bar in Abuja you’d be doing a smart thing if you pick Wuse 2 as your preferred location. But don’t limit yourself incase your budget falls short. Other great places to own a bar or restaurant include parks/gardens of select shopping plazas that are located in densely populated and busy parts of town. This is mainly an evening, weekend and public holiday kind of business.

Abuja Hotels

Hotels in Abuja are as common as street lights. This is understandable because there are a lot of visitors to Abuja on both diplomatic and business visits. Rarely do these visitors rent apartments to stay in, rather they opt for temporary accommodation in the form of hotels. Although the business is capital intensive hotels generally in Abuja record brisk business.

Real Estate

If you can buy land cheap in Abuja do what every sensible investor is doing now, buy and hold for a few years. Land prices have always been on the rise in Abuja especially as more development is expected to reach many parts of the city not yet covered. Karshi, Sabon Lugbe and Orozo are a few examples of areas where land ownership today could translate into millionaire status tomorrow. Typically people develop land in Abuja to build plazas/shopping malls, hotels or residential buildings. The choice is yours to make.

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