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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top 6 private Schools in Abuja

There are private schools and there are private schools in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Besides class, these schools are reputed for having some of the finest teaching staff, conducive learning environment, professional management team and well organized school programs. For my money, I’ll rather send my kids to any of these schools - that is not to say that other schools in Abuja are not good but these ones easily stand out.

American International School (Durumi District)

You’ll find this school located in Durumi district of Abuja in a part of town that is far from noisy distractions. The school environment from the gate is simply organized. There is hardly any room for incompetence tolerated from any of its staff as everyone is up and doing. Your child seems to be everyone’s priority here and anything aside this is frowned at. All teaching staff is American trained and there is so much in terms of school programs going on that your child will be exposed to fine American Schooling in Abuja.

Regent British School (Maitama District)

This school has both primary and secondary arms which are both managed by British trained Educators. Their priority is to make sure their pupils don’t just love learning but also see school as another home. Maitama is a high brow district in Abuja and you can only imagine who this school is meant for, yes indeed quality Education comes at a price but regent British school will tell you that is what you have to sacrifice for your child.

Centagon School (Maitama District)

This is another top private school which I must say is more suited to expatriates and super rich Nigerians. On my visit to this school I couldn’t help but admire the learning environment but wasn’t particularly pleased by its seeming high costs but that is just where the other schools in this list fall into. Like regent School, Centagon is in Maitama but that part preserved for the Super rich – diplomats, top government officials and big time contractors.

Lead British School (Gwarinkpa)

This is a more Nigerian appealing top school but I dear say some middle class and not so super rich Nigerians can afford to send their wards here to learn. The school is relatively small but not too bad for learning. My main grudge with them is being located in a busy part of town where the daily hustle and bustle might be a distraction to learning.

Nigerian Turkish International School (Wuse 2)

Just like Lead British School, Nigerian Turkish International Schools in located in a busy part of town not very far from the popular Banex plaza and other adjoining businesses. The traffic in and around Aminu Kano crescent might be an occasional nuisance to learning but that is just a once in a blue moon experience. The environment is conducive, management is competent and the teachers are qualified but the school fees are very high. Be warned.

Loyola Jesuit College

This is perhaps the most discipline focused top notch private school in Abuja. This Catholic run institution is a no nonsense stickler for principles and character building. All pupils are boarders and the school is far away from town in a village location where there are no distractions. School activities are varied and geared towards all round child development. It’s a great place to send your kids to learn.

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  1. Dear Paul!
    Thanks a lot for your articles! They are very useful.
    Do you know anything about ABUJA LANGUAGE ACADEMY? What's that?


  2. Dear paul ,
    thanks for this article.
    i would like you to contact me personally for a few business proposal. can you inbox me ?

  3. Hello Paul, I saw your profile and how youa assisting people to navigate their way in Abuja. I need to know the top schools both higher Institution and secondary schools that have information technology as part of their student programs.

  4. Being a relative newcomer to abuja traffic around Lead British International School does not seem bad. The facilities are great and the school friendly

  5. Nice information about schools in Abuja.

  6. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your splendid work . It was nice speaking to you earlier .

  7. Hello Paul,

    good morning! My name is Halima Baiye, representing FB International Placement Services in CANADA. We have Offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Canada. We process admission for Undergraduate/Post Graduate/Masters and Immigration. Please, inbox me.

  8. What are the criteria for the top schools?

  9. You dont know shit lol. I've been to all and studied in three. The ranks are as follows:
    AISA (American Int'l School Abuja)
    LBIS (Lead British Int'l School)
    Reagent British School
    ACIC (Abuja Capital Int'l College)
    NTIC (Nigerian Turkish Int'l School)

    And also I graduated in LBIS and it's environment is suitable for study and doesn't cause any distractions.

  10. Hampstead Academy
    Apo, Abuja.
    Is also a very top learning environment in Abuja. Graduated from there

  11. The Bees Knees School Abuja located in Wuse 2


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