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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Steps to Buying a Reliable Inverter for Home or Office use in Nigeria and Where to Get it.

Mpower/LUMINOUS 3.5kva inverter installations
The Mpower/luminous 3.5KVA inverter

If you live and work in Nigeria you’d understand why it’s very important to own an alternative source of supply to power your home or office with. Power supply is less than 10 hours in most parts of the country and this has a way of rubbing off on socio-economic well being of private citizens and businesses alike. For this reason many people have bought generator sets to provide them with the much needed power but this has its drawbacks.

Why Inverters are better than Generators for Nigerian Homes and Offices

Objectively it could be more beneficial to use an inverter over a generator especially for home or light office use and here are good reasons why;

Disadvantage of Using Generating Sets for homes and offices in Nigeria
I want to dwell on why you may want to opt for a less noisy, less expensive and less toxic option for powering your homes to using the regular generating sets. Here are my reasons for not encouraging the use of generating sets;

Generators are very toxic and have caused fatalities in the past
Generator sets have been known to produce toxic carbon monoxide gas that has killed hundreds of people over the last decade nationwide. When some unlucky families went to bed and left their generating sets running within their homes not a single soul woke the following day as they were all found dead by their neighbours, even switching it off doesn’t guarantee your safety except if you home is well aerated. These stories are commonly reported in newspapers and even on radio, this of course is in addition to causing fire outbreaks at homes and offices.

Generators are expensive to maintain
Here’s one good example, imagine that you run a barbing salon and need to power it daily for at least 10 hours costing you to use say 10 liters or more of petrol, that comes to roughly N870 per day times 30 days which is N26,100 monthly times 12 months in a year is equal to N313,200. That is what some private residences even consume in a year on fueling their generators now imagine how much offices and large shops would be spending in a year. What about when the generator packs up and needs repairs?

Generators are not friendly to the environment
We can start with the noise that generating sets cause. Some people can’t sleep well when there is slight noise – the light sleepers – and would wake up feeling grumpy. How about the smoke produced by the generators? For Asthmatic folks and people with respiratory problems, this isn’t good for them. Then the stains generators leave as marks either on the floor or on walls where their fumes constantly make contact with, defacing the home even if it’s at the back yard.  

Generator or Inverter which is better for Nigerian homes and offices
From a cost perspective, inverters are cheaper on the long run than generators. A 5KVA inverter may cost you N320,000 one time with installation cost and with it you can power your freezer, AC and other light appliances and you don’t need to worry about repairs and fueling. Meanwhile a 5 KVA generator costs about N85,000 to purchase but over N300,000 to power over 12 months (for commercial or office use). Inverters are also more durable requiring lesser cost for maintenance.

How to pick a good inverter for home or office use

Step 1: Know your power needs
What are the appliances you wish to power in your home or office? Is it electronics only such as TV set, computers, light bulbs and sockets for charging your phones? Or do you want to power anything that uses electricity in your home or office. Once you know your power needs you then need to find the right fit.

Step 2: Find the right fit
The right fit involves two things; knowing your power needs and finding the exact product that matches those needs. If you want to power a few light appliances you should be looking at 1.5KVA inverter but if you want to power heavy appliances too such as fridge, freezer and AC, you should be looking at less expensive inverter you can try the Smart Powerfix 3.5KVA  for home use which can deliver just like a 5.5KVA generator set without the noisy and smoke of course.  I also recommend the proven MPower Luminous inverter which is very good for office use.  

Step 3: Get the right price
The price for a reliable inverter varies from N290,000 to N370,000 and depends on the brand and location. But there are places where you can get them at a really good price regardless of where you are in Nigeria such as at which sells at competitive prices and delivers to homes and offices nationwide.

Step 4: Check for Specifics
Every product has details so before you buy an inverter check out what and what the inverter can do for you and what it can’t do. For instance the above listed inverter can power only 1 fridge but in addition can also power your DSTV decoder, 40 electric bulbs, 6 LED/Plasma TV sets, 6 fans, 2 Computers and 1 music system and needs at least 2 batteries. You’ll also need to pay for installation which also includes providing you with power surge protector, cabling among others.  

Step 5: Buy from a reliable Store
As I mentioned earlier is a great place to buy high quality inverters. Why I recommend them is because they want you the customer to be satisfied with their service, it’s not just enough that you’re buying a product from them but that you get good service and value for your money. They deliver within 7 days and have consumer protection as one of their trademark values.

To order for your high quality home inverter directly from Konga click here or for office use, try this link for details and enjoy your inverter as you use it.

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